We are so excited to take our top 5% producers to great locations to network. connect, and be a part of exclusive masterminds.  This year we started off with a trip to Palm Desert and now we are headed to Laguna Niguel.

June 2018 Winners Circle Mastermind details are below:

WHEN: June 6th and 7th

WHERE: Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel

Address1 Ritz Carlton Dr, Dana Point, CA 92629

Phone(949) 240-2000

Room Block Link: https://book.passkey.com/go/BigBlockRealtyWinnersCircle

June 5th – Cocktail welcome at 6pm

June 6th at 9am Winners Circle Mastermind begins

Want to learn more about the ultimate incentive program? Keep reading!

The goal of our Winners Circle is simple: Bring together our top producers a few times a year for a exclusive masterminds and a fun 4 day cruise that is all about strengthening relationships. Winners spend time with winners to learn from one another and inspire each other to continue to grow. This is the Winners Circle mindset.

Why incentives?

In most case, incentives boost performance.  To go above and beyond for our top 5%, we truly want our agents to not feel as though they are working against one another, but understand that they work better together. Learning from other top performers can only increase your level of knowledge and motivation.

If you want to have an incentive program that sets your company apart, create a program that actually makes your top performers feel like WINNERS like we do.


Acknowledge them. This is the first step in cultivating team spirit. Post accomplishments to your corporate social media, make it fun, and keep it short.  There is no reason why you need to go overboard, but a simple mention is literally worth a thousand words.

Give Credit. Acknowledgement is only one step in the incentive process.  When you give someone credit, assign them responsibility and give credit not only to them, but to their teams as well, you deepen and broaden the connection. Many of our top producers are those that have large teams supporting them.  Leaving out the support staff can be detrimental so be sure to point out who those people are behind the scenes that make being a top producer possible.

Add Value. If there is one thing that so many companies miss out on doing when incentivizing their top players, it is adding value.  A gift certificate alone is not adding value.  We not only bring in the best speakers to share insights and motivate our top producers, but we also bring in sponsors and vendors that are there to help streamline their business and help them win in a big way.


Say NO to Boring Awards. How is it that we keep getting more and more of our agents to say, “Next year I am going to be in the Winners Circle!”?  One word: fun.

Listen, if you are going to spend the time and energy on rewarding great performance, make it about them and not about you saving money or doing something that is easy or convenient for you.  Think way outside the box and, for example (uh ummm) consider taking them on a cruise.  Invite them to crazy good masterminds at boss locations like the Ritz Carlton (yes, we do this too). Make sure it is an incentive they will never forget.

At Big Block Realty we believe in self-improvement, unbeatable support, and world-class training while having fun along the way and our Winners Circle is just one example of how we do this for our agents.

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To your success.

Big Block Realty Team

Sam, Oliver, Spencer

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