How To Market Your Real Estate YouTube Channel to gain organic traffic and views.

A successful YouTuber recently published a guide explaining how he got 1,900 subscribers in only 5 months. His secret boils down to growing outside social media pages and using them to feed into his YouTube channels.


How to Grow Your Social Media Pages


Before explaining how he grew his social media pages he provided stats showing their growth such as:

  • YouTube – 1,900 subscribers in 5 months;
  • Instagram – 15,000 followers in 9 months; and
  • Twitter – 2,000 followers in 4 months.

Sure, they’re small numbers compared to leading social media influencers. But, since he never tried to grow his social media pages before he learned by trial and error.

An interesting fact he showed was the high amount of engagements he obtained. For instance, while he only had 15,000 followers on his Instagram he often got from 1,000 to 3,000 “Likes” on his postings. Plus, he got from 30 to over 100 comments depending on how he worded his image caption.

He also pointed that with only 1,900 YouTube subscribers, he frequently got over 20,000 views of his videos.

Thus, it’s not the number of subscribers or followers that counts. It’s the engagements which count the most.

Tip: Increase engagements by giving people compliments on their posts. People love compliments. When they reply with a “Thank you” respond by pointing out how your businesses relate or how you can help their business. Make it short and sweet to arouse curiosity so they ask for more information.

Don’t forget the “Call to Action”. Encourage people to do business with you.

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How to Grow Your Instagram


The first thing he did was to hire a social media agency. This got him up to 16,000 Instagram followers. However, he only got from 200 to 400 Likes per post. Not happy with the low engagements he tried other social media agencies.

He found one that explained how the other agencies failed. The first thing they did was to delete all his Instagram followers. When he protested, they explained his account consisted of inactive “ghost followers” who hurt his account.

They taught him how to use hashtags only after researching them to see which ones work best with his brand. His Instagram page bounced back with 1,000 followers in the beginning. Then it doubled in a short time. In time it reached 15,000 real followers.


How to Use Hashtags


The secret to his Instagram account taking off began with using the best hashtags.

Most people misuse hashtags by randomly picking names that seem relevant to their business and brand.

The key to make hashtags work begins with avoiding the biggest (most popular) hashtags. That’s because the field is too crowded already. Hashtags with millions of posts mean your posts get lost in the clutter.

You need to figure out specific hashtags where you “Win” the trending spot.

It takes lots of time to figure out which hashtags work the best fit with your real estate brand. He created hundreds of spreadsheets calculating the trial and error results. Eventually, he found the right fit when instead of getting a hundred views he got some hashtags to bring in 4,000 to 10k views.


How to Use Captions


Don’t skip the captions.

Good captions ask a question to encourage viewers to engage.

First, build a good Instagram profile. That means creating an interesting one. Your image captions revolve around your interesting profile and brand.

For instance, let’s say your real estate niche is investors. A typical caption for a fixer up building might be something like “Can You Fix this up for $15,000 and Make $80,000?”

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Another example for a real estate agent’s foreclosures niche: “Could You Bid on this House and Profit $50,000?”

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Write Great Original Content For Your Real Estate Youtube Channel


While writing good hashtags and image captions attract attention and create exposure don’t forget that “Content is King”.

Take the extra time to take good photos. Don’t depend on selfies and smartphone cameras. Low-quality photos lose on Instagram. Invest in a Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera (DSLR) for great photos.

Also, write wonderful content about them. Create unique stories instead of the usual ones you see every day on social media. If you can’t do that, hire a freelance professional writer.

Initially, Instagram only shows your content to 5% of your followers. If most like it, the rest get access. Your ghost followers and inactive followers hurt you. If most of your followers appear not to like your postings your exposure suffers stunting your growth.

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How to Use Twitter


Twitter requires a lot more activities than Instagram. Plus, people must like you.

The sole purposes of social media are to be social. Make “friends” by engaging daily. You must work at it.

Engaging with lots of people on Twitter creates exposure for you and your brand.


How to Use LinkedIn


LinkedIn differs from the other social media platforms mentioned here.

LinkedIn is all about business to business engagements.

Tip: Join all related groups to your brand and engage often by posting and commenting. Build contacts by taking advantage of the free daily “Notifications” to congratulate other members for work anniversaries and birthdays. This sidesteps the requirement to become a premium paid member to contact strangers and engage with them.


How to Grow Your Real Estate YouTube Page


YouTube may be one of the toughest pages to grow. However, with enough work, you get around the tricky aspects of YouTube and succeed.

Again, content is king on YouTube. Your scripts must be concise, sharp, and convey useful information in an interesting way in a short video. Get feedback from people you trust to give you honest opinions when you begin producing videos.

SEO: YouTube owned by Google provides your brand with an excellent way to get high search engine optimization. Look at any first page Google search results and you notice how many YouTube videos appear.

Tip: The YouTuber recommends downloading the Vida software which helps you to optimize your videos SEO. It’s specially designed for YouTube and helps you to grow your channel. They help you build brand awareness on YouTube. They offer several plans including a Free one to get you started and an Intermediary plan for $7.50 per month and their Premium plan for $39 per month.

He also recommends using thumbnails, but never use a false clickbait. Add a little bit of thumbnails to your picture to make it pop out to grab viewers’ attention.

Join every social media platform you can think of and share links to your YouTube videos. Real estate forums online (like Bigger Pockets and LinkedIn real estate groups). Post your videos everywhere!

Use your Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter followers to send direct links to.

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Find Your Niche and Stick to it


Social media allows people to look at your engagements based on what you post. Your headlines and captions arouse attention and curiosity. Your content gives them useful information in an appealing way.

Always remember that social media requires making friends.

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