What people are saying about Big Block...

I have nothing but good things to say about Big Block Realty!!  As a licensed Broker-Associate, I could hang my license anywhere or even work independently.  Instead, my partner and I chose Big Block over any other brokerage and we could not be more pleased.

For starters, all of the staff at Big Block including the owners care deeply about their agents’ success and provide arguably more resources and value than nearly any other brokerage out there. The culture is really incredible and is unlike you will find at any other brokerage (we’ve been with several). If you’re skeptical, you know this is enough to just say–whether or not it’s true–but rather, take their recent placement as #1 Fastest-Growing Real Estate Company in America, and #26 overall on the 2016 Inc. Magazine 500 Fastest-Growing Companies list as proof!

By investing in their agents via mentoring, training, resources, and MORE training, they ensure that their agents’ clients receive the BEST service.  Having access to TWO brokers which are also ATTORNEYS available for training on legal and compliance issues as well as one-on-ones, this additional value to any agent with Big Block is tremendous.

Forget the same-old brokerage model which is failing to provide the support agents need to excel and provide top-notch service to their clients– Big Block re-defines freedom as a real estate salesperson and ensures every agent has access to all the tools needed for success, all while saving the average agent many thousands of dollars.

Nobody asked me to write this review.  This company does a whole lot more giving than they do asking.  When the people, company and services are this great though, you just feel compelled to reciprocate. Thanks Big Block!

Jed B.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

The thing I like best about Big Block is the idea that I can work at Big Block or at home and Big Block lets you do your own thing. Also, the fees are very low and there is a ton of training and support.

I would definitely recommend Big Block to other agents, especially the agents that like to do things on their own, because of the flexibility, training, and support when they need it.

Brian C.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

I honestly LOVE Big Block. The people I’ve met, the training, and the whole business model is excellent.

Simone P.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

My TEAM is awesome! I feel so comfortable with everyone. I love the “family” feel!

Everyone is so friendly and willing to help. Whether you are new or a veteran, this is the place to be!

Zandra U.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

Very excited, love how advanced Big Block is!

Susan M.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

Absolutely the BEST real estate company I’ve ever dealt with. The management staff is constantly looking for ways to improve the company and boost morale. Training and accuracy are top priority. The administrative staff is top notch! These are true professionals!

Frank C.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

I switched brokers because of the difference in fees; having switched, I now really appreciate the support at Big Block

Susan B.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

My team and I saved over $80,000 a year by moving to Big Block Realty! I feel smarter now for making the move… and we get better support and training!

Herlinda R.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

Big Block is the perfect place for Agents.

Rick W.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

You’ve made it easy for me to operate my business without being weighted down with ‘punch in the gut’ fees. CHEERS to many more escrows!!

Joel P.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

The absolute best brokerage that I’ve ever worked under.
Whatever support you need, it’s available.
100% commission … hello!
Broker and other owners always make themselves available when you need.
Can’t rave enough over Sam K he motivates and helps build your business.
Lisa E always goes the extra mile.
Such good people and once again hello to keeping all your hard earned commission!

Kellie V.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

I just celebrated my first year at Big Block Realty, my 17th year as a Realtor and my 35th year in real estate as a property manager & investor. I can share that what I truly enjoy is how proud I am to be a part of Big Block Realty and of Sam, Spencer and Oliver’s vision. It truly is a 100% support company with an entrepreneurial edge in an industry that needs some changes. I also love that “Big Block money” stays in San Diego-BBR is a local business; they truly are adding value to our industry and America’s Finest City!

Thomas N.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

I love being at Big Block it is the best decision I made! Great team, great support great people! In the short time I have been there I have already learnt a lot at the training sessions and they have an excellent support team. I would recommend other agents to join. Yes I would definitely recommend to other agents Big Block Realty.

Shila P.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

For those with some experience as an agent the Big Block Realty system makes perfect sense. Because of the strict supervision, Big Block has a very good name. The Big Block Platform makes sense for me. Independence with a hands on back office.

The most appealing thing about Big Block Realty is the attitude of the company employees. Its can do! I’m very impressed and proud to be part of the team.

Don H.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

I love Big Block Realty 🙂

Eric K.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

Big Block Realty is providing the training that I was looking for in a brokerage firm. I only just received my license and I am thrilled with the specialized training I am receiving. Being so new to the industry, my biggest priority was making sure I don’t crash and burn with my first transaction. BBR is making this fool proof. It is wonderful.

The training alone is worth the switch for.

Rachael S.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

I LOVE the fact that my broker is accessible, the support is unparalleled, Big Block really cares about us individually and will take the time to make sure we succeed, if you have the Time, Energy, and Passion to put into your business, Big Block will match it, and you WILL succeed!

Sandro N.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

I just wanted to thank you for all you hard work that you do. We have never had a broker so responsive and on top of things. We appreciate you more then you can imagine, and are very excited about our move to this company.

The support staff are amazing as well. We couldn’t have asked for a better environment to work in, and we have never felt more supported.

Jake T.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

I am a Broker so I could work under my own license, but I prefer to be with BB because you have a business model that gives me a ‘back-end’ office with all the computer, tech, physical office, copy machine and transaction backup that allows me to build my business with all the tools I need to perform and grow.

Linda S.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

As a team we have over 15 years experience and Big Block is helping us reach the next level. NO where else do you get the type of support you do at Big Block AND get to keep 100% of your commission, it is revolutionary and unheard of. The track record and success of the team supporting us is not only inspirational, but 100% motivational! You owe it to yourself and your bank account to at least meet with Big Block for an hour!

Sammy T.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

It is by far the most technically advanced real estate company in the world.

Vic Y.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

I am seriously floored at the incredible support you offer us! The whole team at Big Block is so stellar. I just cannot say it enough. Thank you a thousand times over!

Lauren L.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

I am a real estate agent with a few years experience and recently switched brokerages and came to Big Block Realty. In just the short time I have been here I can say this is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a Brokerage. The leadership and training are top notch and to add to that I get to keep more money to build my business. I am excited everyday to come to the office. Thank You Big Block!

Martin M.

Realtor, Big Block Realty

Big Block Realty has been a huge part of my success as an agent. I joined Big Block 4 years ago and I can say that it was one of the best decision I could have made. From bringing agents together to the innovative support it is all around a win. I can say that they truly focus on making more money for their agents and the continued success of their team. Another great thing… Zero Split! If you don’t know what that is look them up and be amazed!

Andrew G.

Realtor, Big Block Realty