Want to know the best 100% Commission real estate broker in San Diego 2022?



  • Google #1 SERPs and its Featured Snippet names Big Block Realty as the best real estate broker in San Diego.
  • Awards: 2016 – 2021: Big Block Realty won many awards for excellence and fast growth from Inc. 500™ and Inc. 5000 along with the San Diego Association of Realtors, LocalBest.com, and Entrepreneur.
  • With 985+ Realtors, Big Block Realty is one of the largest non-franchise brokerages in the country.
  • Fewer Transaction Costs for our Realtors who earn more profits.
  • No Hidden Fees as all our fees are transparent.
  • Free Support for our Realtors from our broker/attorney, courses, and concierge services.
  • Fewer Fees with our 3 – 100% Commission Plans to fit all budgets.
We’ll show you proof that it is Big Block Realty in San Diego.

How can we make such a claim? We know that many ads and commercials often exaggerate to promote a business, product, or service. This gives you every right to become skeptical.

Here’s the proof. Go to Google and type: “best 100% commission real estate broker San Diego”. You should see the same result I saw today January 11, 2022, on this screenshot:


Google selects Big Block Realty best in San Diego

You may be skeptical of relying on Google.

BackLinko, which gives SEO advice to professional marketers, describes Google’s best search results this way:

“The organic results are “earned” placements determined by Google’s algorithm to be the overall best, most relevant results for a given search.”

Thus, Google determined that Big Block Realty is the best 100% commission real estate broker in San Diego based on its algorithm and relevancy to the search request.

Still skeptical?

Let’s explore other facts that make a real estate brokerage the “best”.


Why Big Block Realty is the Best 100% Commission Real Estate Broker San Diego 2022?


As a California real estate agent, you need to look at what a 100% commission brokerage offers.

We recently published a blog post explaining how 100% commission offices differ from traditional ones titled: “100% Commission Real Estate Pros and Cons”.

There, we explained the difference in the following ways:

  • Stability;
  • Leadership;
  • Support;
  • Technology;
  • Strategic Partners;
  • Brand Name;
  • Costs; and
  • Why Join?

When considering the best 100% commission real estate broker in San Diego 2022 these differences are important.


Let’s explore these differences


Stability: The First Tuesday Journal, a California real estate news and analysis site since 1978 published a report. It claims too many new real estate companies close within two years. Thus, avoid startup real estate brokerages. You must look for a real estate brokerage in business for many years. Big Block Realty was formed in 2012.

Leadership: Ask around the real estate community about the broker’s popularity. What is the broker’s professional reputation? What do real estate industry professionals think of the broker?  

Support: Some real estate brokers rent a desk or virtual space to an agent and offer no support.    Big Block Realty values how quality support helps our Realtors prosper. Our free support includes: courses, training, concierge services, and our real estate broker is also an attorney to consult. How many brokerages offer that much free support?  

Technology: Expanding technology and new trends helps our Realtors to be efficient. If you have to email your sales contracts to your broker, it’s time to modernize. Big Block Realty uses modern technology tools to communicate with our Realtors.

Strategic Partners: Big Block Realty partners with suppliers and service providers to cut costs for our Realtors. For example, our Errors & Omissions Insurance for each transaction only cost our Realtors $165 no matter how high the home’s sales price. That’s a bottom-line price obtained through our strategic partnership with an insurance provider.

Brand Name: Big Block Realty currently boasts 985 Realtors. This makes us one of the largest non-franchise brokerages in the country. We were listed in the Top 50 on the Inc 500 list of fastest-growing private companies in America 3 years in a row! Our testimonials page lists raving reviews from 22 satisfied buyers and sellers.


100% Real Estate Brokerage Fees


You must avoid “hidden fees” that too many 100% commission companies do to their newly licensed agents.

Typical hidden fees include:

  • Administrative fees;
  • E&O fee;
  • Compliance fee:
  • Franchise fee;
  • File Review fee;
  • Training fee; and
  • Technology fee.


Big Block Realty Fees


When you find a 100% brokerage with no hidden fees you will find the most transparent fees include: a yearly fee, a desk fee, and a flat fee per transaction.

Here are your fees as one of our 100% commission Realtors:

  • E&O Insurance Fee per transaction = $165.
  • Administrative Fee per transaction = $125.
  • 3 Ways to Pay Your Licensing Association Fee:
  1. $50 Per Month where you pay $1,200 on each of your first 3 closings per year; or
  2. $300 Per Month and you receive 100% commission on all closings per year; or
  3. $3,000 One Time Payment for the entire year (almost 17% discount).


Why Join Big Block Realty in San Diego?


Big Block Realty Won Many Awards

Companies winning multiple awards from different organizations shows community appreciation of excellence. Here are some of those awards:

2021 – Inc. 5000 Big Block Realty company profile shows 6 years in a row winning awards (2016 – 2021) for excellence. View the awards here.


2021 – Housing Wire explains the 2021 Inc. 5000 awards in the housing industry. They show that Big Block Realty was awarded for gaining 6,271% growth in the past three years.

Big Block Realty Fast Growth

Source: Licensed for Use by the Fair Use Doctrine


2018 – 2021 Big Block Realty earned the Top 5 Local Best Award for Best Real Estate Agents, San Diego for 4 years in a row! Check out the screenshot below:

Big Block Realty Top 5 Awards

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Check out our video of when Big Block Realty won the 2020 Broker Excellence in Achievement Award from the San Diego Association of Realtors Here.


2018: Big Block Realty earned 126th place in the country for the Entrepreneur 360™ List of Growing Businesses. Check out the screenshot below:

Big Block Realty Entrepreneur Award

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2017: Big Block Realty earned many awards. For instance, look at our 2017 Broker Achievement of Excellence Award from the San Diego Association of Realtors:

Big Block Realty 2017 Award

Source – Copyright by Big Block Realty 2017


2016: Inc. 500™ named Big Block Realty #26 on its list for these achievements:

  • #1 Fastest-Growing Independent Real Estate Brokerage in America;
  • #2 Fastest-Growing Private Company in San Diego; and
  • #6 Fastest-Growing Private Company in California. 

View the Inc. 500™ official Big Block Realty page.

See the Inc. 500™ complete list here.


Best 100% Commission Real Estate Broker San Diego 2022 – Conclusion


Why is Big Block Realty the best 100% Commission real estate broker in San Diego 2022?

Let’s summarize the many reasons for the best real estate brokerage in San Diego:

  • Google #1 SERPs and its Featured Snippet names Big Block Realty as the best;
  • Stability since 2012 as a growing real estate brokerage;
  • Leadership with a strong reputation in the San Diego community;
  • Support by providing Free broker, attorney, tech, courses, concierge, and training;
  • Technology by using modern tech trends to communicate with its Realtors;
  • Strategic Partners with suppliers and professional service providers to reduce costs;
  • Brand Name as Big Block Realty known and respected throughout California;
  • Fees as our Realtors pay fewer fees to earn bigger profits; and
  • Awards since Big Block Realty consistently wins awards for excellence since 2016.


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