Annually, new marketing technology progresses. Here are the best real estate agent marketing trends in 2021.

A website with current property listings and ads in Facebook and Google no longer allows real estate agents to remain competitive and relevant. As marketing evolves, so should you.

Best Real Estate Agent Marketing Trends 2021


Check out the five best real estate agent marketing trends in 2021.


1. Drone Videos

BREAKING NEWS: FAA eases rules on drone use, creating more opportunities for real estate marketing”.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported in early June 2021 that the FAA eased drone flying restrictions. NARs Realtor Magazine reported the FAA authorized nighttime drone operations and flying over moving vehicles and people.

Check out NARs video “Window to the Law” for more information on how the new FAA rules expand the use of drones by Realtors.

Starting September 15th, real estate agents may fly drones over people for the first time. This makes it possible for creating aerial videos over homes in busy areas like urban condos.

The new rules require drones flying over people to transmit identification information about the drone and the operator. This allows law enforcement to identify unsafe flyers.

The second rule already in effect allows drone night flying. Imagine aerial videos of a sunset and twilight images of a home illuminating under the stars!


Benefits for Real Estate Agents Using Drone Videos


Realtors using drone videos enjoy excellent advantages in the luxury properties market. Gated mansions with large grounds require drone videos. How else can a Realtor showcase the entire property?

In the old days, photos of the inside and outside of a mansion worked. Realtors even rented small airplanes or helicopters using a hand-held video camera while hovering far above the estate. These resulted in poor-quality videos.

But, nowadays buyers want to see high-quality videos of the entire property while sitting in front of their computer. That’s where drone videos work wonders. Inexpensive yet high-quality videos fly low over the entire estate getting the best shots of important features.

Besides luxury properties, drone videos showcase entire neighborhoods, nearby parks, beaches, and other local attractions.

Social media channels like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram allow videos to instantly show the best features of large estates and smaller homes. They also encourage engagements to increase public interest.

The benefits for Realtors using drone imagery include:

  • Showcasing aerial views of listings;
  • Giving buyers a sense of home architect layout, landscape, and grounds;
  • Showcasing property facilities in full context (like gardens, pool, tennis courts, riding stables, and multi-car garage);
  • Drives more traffic to your listings with social media channels sharing; and
  • Impresses buyers before your in-person meetings.


If you don’t want to commit errors with a DIY rented (or own) drone, check out some of the third-party drone services:

  • HouseLens by SeekNow provides a drone operator specializing in waterfront properties and estate homes videos;
  • Drone Base offers drone videography services showcasing any home from the sky at reasonable prices. Their prices begin with a $270 starter package. It includes 15 high-resolution images and five quality aerial video clips; and
  • Dronegenuity uses drones with magazine-quality aerial photos and 4K-HD hi-quality videos.


2. 3D Virtual Tours or 3D Walkthroughs 


Video virtual tours became popular a few years back. They brought listings to worldwide viewers in their homes or offices. Photos were replaced by videos and now videos are replaced by 3D technology.

Nowadays, potential buyers view and explore properties with immersive 3D. The 360° video tours and photos can’t provide the same sense of actually being there. This especially comes in handy during the pandemic social distancing. Likewise, eliminating long-distance travel to preview properties saves time and money that buyers appreciate.

3D Walkthroughs offer real estate agents these benefits:

  • Immersive 3D lets buyers feel like they are actually at the property;
  • Allowing buyers to share the 3D experience with family, friends, and other third parties for realistic feedback;
  • Saving time by eliminating or reducing in-person visits. Gives agents more time to focus on other marketing tools;
  • Not wasting time with buyers who do not see a good lifestyle fit with the property;
  • Sets realistic buyers’ expectations during the 3D tour; and
  • Let’s buyers take the 3D tour at their convenience.


Here are links to companies offering 3D walkthrough software:

Matterport is the most popular software as it pioneered 3D real estate videos years ago. Creates immersive 360° 3D walkthroughs for listing agents. They claim a 75% success rate with listing agents using Matterport to get more listings.

Concept3D offers 360° 3D virtual tours paired with interactive maps. In addition, they offer customized 360° 3D virtual tours.

RTV provides 360°/3D walkthroughs software for virtual tour production. Their software is 100% compatible with Matterport and other third-party media.

Immoviewer offers creatable scalable and affordable 3D 360° tours. Allows your listing feed to create individual landing pages along with floor plans without measuring.


3. Virtual Staging

Home Staging Resource conducted a 2018 study that found 85% of 4,200 staged homes experienced an increase from 6% to 25% higher sales price than non-staged homes in the same market.

Virtual home staging allows Realtors to customize staging for buyers to see their future home fully furnished. Less expensive than hiring a professional designer. Allows buyers to change the décor to suit their lifestyle and tastes. The benefits of virtual home staging include:

  • Makes it easy for buyers to visualize a home furnished the way they want;
  • Saves time and money not spent on professional interior designers; and
  • Realtors can virtually restyle all the furnishings, walls, flooring, and décor quickly.


Here is a list of well-known virtual staging platforms ranging from affordable to superior:

  • Virtual Staging Lab where interior design blends with technology to make homes sell faster for a higher price;
  • VHT Studios offers virtual staging for mere touch-ups, furnished, or vacant homes; and
  • IBD Luxury Home Staging specializes in the luxury home staging by Barton Design. High-end and luxury home designs using state-of-the-art technologies.


4. Marketing Automation

The best real estate agent marketing trends in 2021 include marketing automation. 

Time-saving marketing automation lets real estate agents perform marketing functions easier and faster. These tools generate forms, social media ads, and email funnels. That leaves time for agents to focus on what they like best, selling properties.

Marketing automation tools exist specifically for the real estate industry. Third-party marketing agencies offer software or automated marketing services designed for the real estate niche. These include:

  • Follow Up Boss – for syncing leads from all channels;
  • Spacio – for open house marketing; and
  • LionDesk – for customer relationship management.


5. A.I. Marketing Automation

The most popular Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) tools for professional services websites are called virtual agents or virtual assistants. Also, known as chatbots, they take the place of humans to provide information based on written requests.

Integrating chatbots assists potential buyers and sellers 24/7 in Realtor’s websites. They encourage viewers to leave messages which boost qualified leads. In addition, they allow for customer satisfaction with the ability to interact with a virtual assistant that benefits your real estate business.

The best chatbots software in 2021 according to g2.com reviews site include:

  • Intercom offers live chats along with chatbots. They call their system a Conversational Relationship Platform (CRP). They earned 4.4 Stars (out of 5) from 1,587 reviews;
  • Zendesk Support Suite allows businesses to conduct natural conversations with users without letting them know it’s an A.I. A sophisticated system meeting complex needs, but simple enough to set it up quickly. They got 4.2 Stars from 2,571 reviews; and
  • Rulai automates all conversations. They claim their Conversational Computing Platform is very advanced using sophisticated chatbots. Earned 4.5 Stars from 71 reviews.


Best Real Estate Agent Marketing Trends 2021 Conclusion


The five best real estate agent marketing trends in 2021 include:

  1. Drone Videos to fly over a listing taking high-quality aerial videos of the entire property including at night. Similarly, they can fly over nearby parks, schools, recreational areas, and the entire neighborhood. In September, they can fly over people and moving cars.
  2. 3D Virtual Tours or 3D Walkthroughs where immersive 3D outclasses 360° video tours and photos. 3D technology lets buyers feel like they are actually at the property.
  3. Virtual Staging allows Realtors to customize staging for potential buyers to see their future home fully furnished the way they want. Eliminates time and money spent on professional interior designers.
  4. Marketing Automation lets real estate agents perform marketing functions easier and faster. Offers software or automated marketing services designed for the real estate niche.
  5. A.I. Marketing Automation provides virtual agents or virtual assistants, known as chatbots for sales and professional services websites. Assists potential buyers and sellers 24/7 in Realtor’s websites.


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