Here’s the best YouTube channels for real estate professionals / Realtors.

Currently, YouTube boasts as the second most used search engine on earth behind Google. Thriving consumer appetites for YouTube provides good news for real estate agents. 


The Best YouTube Channels For Real Estate Professionals / Realtors


Now, let’s explore the top YouTube channels for real estate professionals / Realtors.


Best YouTube Channels For Real Estate Professionals Mike Ferry


1. Mike Ferry


Mike Ferry describes his YouTube channel as a “real estate blog” covering a wide variety of real estate topics. He helps real estate brokers and agents grow their business and become successful.

With over 43 years of coaching experience, Mike brings a lot to the table. Reviewers consider Mike as a global leader in real estate coaching and sales training.

Examples of Mike’s YouTube videos:

Common Objections Most Agents Face;

The Six Sales Skills You Need;

Prospecting Methods with Mike Ferry;

Becoming a Listing Superstar; and

How to Keep Your Business Active and Strong.



Best YouTube Channels For Real Estate Professionals Tom Ferry


2. Tom Ferry


Tom Ferry, according to Wikipedia: American business coach, self-help author, motivational speaker, investor, and founder of a real estate coaching company.

Also, the son of Mike Ferry who branched out on his own after years working together.

Tom’s niche revolves around real estate agent training. Look at how many views he gets with his YouTube videos with these examples:

10 Reasons Why Most Agents FAIL in Real Estate (over 276,000 views);

Tips and Advice Every New Real Estate Agent Needs to Know (over 193,000 views);

Win More Listings at the Right Price With These New Market Scripts (17,000 views);

Get More Listings with No Budget (55,000 views); and

The Best Strategies to Get More Real Estate Listings (37,000 views).



Best Real Estate YouTube Channels Greg Harrelson


3. Greg Harrelson


Greg Harrelson, a South Carolina real estate agent uses his YouTube videos to provide tips, training, and tricks for buyers and other agents.

His videos stand out due to his use of visuals. He doesn’t use onscreen pop-ups or unique graphics. Instead, his points get across by using simple yet effective tools any agent can use in their video presentations: a whiteboard.

He tells a story only using a blank canvas and a marker to express an idea. Useful advice and informative videos using simple props make Greg Harrelson stand out.



Best Real Estate YouTube Channels Oliver Graf


4. Oliver Graf


Oliver Graf, Co-Founder, and President of Big Block Realty in San Diego which won the following awards:

In 2018 earned the Inc. 500 award for the #1 Fastest Growing Real Estate Brokerage. Plus, the #33 Fastest Growing Private Company in America.

Also in 2018, named by the San Diego Business Journal as among the Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies.

Voted Best Real Estate Brokerage in San Diego by the Union Tribune Readers Poll in 2012, 2013, and 2015.

Oliver offers YouTube videos on two of his sites:

Oliver Graf TV; and

Founders Club Videos for Real Estate Entrepreneurs.


The Oliver Graf YouTube Videos cover informative topics like:

How to Become a Mega Producing Real Estate Agent where Oliver talks with MEGA entrepreneur Scott Duffy specializing in business growth;

How to Find Off Market Properties featuring CEO and Founder of Real Estate Worldwide Kent Clothier who bought and sold over 5,000 properties; and

Mike Ferry Interview about Real Estate Marketing – Mike Ferry a well-known real estate coach and sales trainer for real estate agents.


Founders Club Videos features industry experts explaining how real estate investors become successful. Examples include:

How to Make Big Profits Wholesaling featuring Cory Boatright, real estate investing coach.

How to Close Real Estate Internet Leads featuring Kevin Markarian, a top producing San Francisco Realtor.

How to Crash Proof Your Real Estate Business featuring Mike Ferry.



Best Real Estate YouTube Channels Kevin Ward


5. Kevin Ward


Kevin Ward teaches confidence training to real estate agents. His short-form videos share his expertise as an industry thought leader.

Examples of his YouTube videos include:

When and How to Leave A Message when Prospecting or Following Up;

Should You Leave a Message When Calling Expired Listings?  

When Should You Leave a Voicemail in Prospecting for Listings?



Best Real Estate YouTube Channels Mario Jannatpour


6. Mario Jannatpour


Mario Jannatpour producing real estate YouTube videos for over six years. Well before Google bought YouTube when its popularity took off.

Promoting a Community – His 1-minute video of a typical Colorado sunset with background music shows why a: “Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words”.

His Moving to Boulder, Colorado Area uses many of the props and tips mentioned above.

The Home Buying Tips offers 5 useful tips for buyers without using any props.



Best Real Estate YouTube Channels Jessica Riffle Edwards


7. Jessica Riffle Edwards


Jessica Riffle Edwards makes unique videos. She’s a North Carolina “on the go Realtor”. Most of her YouTube videos settings occur in her car while driving around. Her simple, quick, to the point videos, showcase her personality.

In spite of her small town location, Jessica receives many views for her YouTube videos.

Examples include:

Questions to ask when Buying a Home;

Her How to Sell a House As Is got over 4,500 views; 

How to Rock Real Estate Photos got over 6,300 views; and

Her Best Restaurants in Wilmington got more than 10,000 views.



Best YouTube Channels For Real Estate Professionals Jaime Resendiz


8. Jaime Resendiz


Jaime Resendiz specializes in real estate marketing. His YouTube videos help real estate agents across America with marketing tips.

Examples of his YouTube videos include:

Generate Real Estate Leads Using Direct Mail;

How To Run A Real Estate Traffic Campaign for getting buyers and sellers;

How To Get More Real Estate Leads; and

How to Use Calendly for Real Estate Agents (an easy appointment setting app).



Best YouTube Channels For Real Estate Professionals Loida Velasquez


9. Loida Velasquez


Loida Velasquez provides practical advice for day to day real estate life. Her personality resonates a fell agent wanting to help other agents. Perfect for new agents and others wishing to brush up on the basics of selling real estate.

Her straight to the point YouTube video tips help you to succeed.

Examples of Loida’s YouTube videos:

The TRUTH about being a WOMAN in Real Estate;

How to Break Into LUXURY Real Estate;

Great Tips on Open Houses; and

Real Estate Scripts.




10. Borino


Borino, a real estate agent coach. His topics cover a wide variety of real estate training.  

Borino’s popularity stems from his YouTube videos well-structured and short. His videos ask the questions most real estate agents ask and answer them.

Examples of Borino YouTube videos include:

Listing Presentation Technique;

Easy FSBO Script That Gets Appointments;

How To Get More Listings; and

5 Tips to CRUSH it in Real Estate




11. David from DNA Realty Group


David from DNA Realty Group located in Boston provides weekly YouTube videos enlightening real estate agents, home sellers, and buyers. He takes live phone calls on his videos responding to calls covering important topics like how to handle objections from cold calls.

Examples of David’s YouTube videos:

Friday Coaching call on FSBO’s;

Friday Morning Mastermind call;

Real Estate Sales, Training, Coaching and Development; and

How to Build a Real Estate Business.




Learn from the best YouTube channels for real estate professionals / Realtors.

Apply their lessons to your real estate activities.

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