RealScout is rapidly expanding nationwide. How RealScout makes our San Diego real estate agents better in 2021 is explained in this blog post.

What is RealScout?

RealScout headquartered in San Francisco gives listing, sales, and buyer agents a hi-tech home search platform. It focuses on buyers’ wants and needs instead of standard property features. It helps sellers decide on the best listing price based on local buyers’ data.


RealScout Makes Our San Diego Real Estate Agents Better in 2021


We recently partnered with RealScout to give our agents an edge over others in the greater San Diego area. Let’s explain how RealScout makes our San Diego real estate agents better in 2021.

RealScout offers unique programs and features that help our listing and sales agents in the greater San Diego area:

  • The Buyer Graph Helps Our Listing & Sales Agents;
  • RealScout Protects Our Sales Agents;
  • Brings Our Sales Agents Closer with Buyers; and
  • New Technology Helps Our Listing Agents.

Let’s explore each one of these features and programs in detail.


How does the RealScout Buyer Graph Help Our Agents?


RealScout created the Buyer Graph with listing and buyers’ agents in mind. According to Inman, their Buyer Graph provides a data-powered tool giving agents a unique insight into local buyers’ habits.

Traditional brokerages and agents relied on historical transaction data along with hearsay to measure buyer demand. The Buyer Graph takes a data-driven approach to pricing listings and marketing them in a vibrant market. Here’s how:

  • RealScout’s Buyer Graph tool pools local buyer data to pinpoint buyers’ wants and needs and how those change over time;
  • Listing agents show their sellers local buyer data backing up pricing strategies. Better pricing results in more sales;
  • Sales agents show their buyers the competition their clients face for certain types of homes;
  • For the first time, buyers experience personalized property searches;
  • New listings alert based on their wants and needs;
  • All listing information sourced from the local real-time MLS data;
  • A photo-centric approach for property searches enhances visual information so buyers make better and faster decisions;
  • This gives buyers and sellers improved and comprehensive experiences during the entire home buying process and
  • Real estate agents nationwide describe the Buyer Graph as “dynamic property comparisons” focusing on features the buyers care about to create an enjoyable user experience.


RealScout Protects Sales Agents


Losing clients to other agents is the number one danger agents face. RealScout offers their agent users protection against competitors and other benefits like:

  • Exclusive – Buyers must go through you to access the Buyer Graph and other RealScout features. Once they contact you, provide them with their private channel in the RealScout platform. Your clients register and indicate their wants and needs in a new home;
  • Safe Search – RealScout protects agents from their buyers contacting other agents which happen on other platforms like Zillow. Every time your client uses the property search feature, no ads from other agents appear;
  • Side-By-Side Comparisons – RealScout’s side-by-side property comparison feature lets buyers compare same room photos from two selected listings on one screen. No other property search offers this feature.
  • You Set Appointments – Buyers choose which homes to request an appointment (through you) for a preview;
  • Track Your Clients Searches – See what activities your clients engage in during their property searches;
  • Direct Communication with Your Clients – The RealScout system allows you to communicate directly with your clients;
  • Rapid Listing Alerts – Customize and automate email new listings alerts based on your clients’ preferences;
  • Integration with Third-Party Apps – RealScout integrates with most third-party apps used by buyers;
  • Search Homes with Your Clients – Many agents look at RealScout as a “collaborative home search app that allows you to go virtual house hunting with your client”. Collaborating with your clients during their home searches creates bonding, client satisfaction, and loyalty; and
  • Knowing Your Clients Preferences – The trouble with MLS listings and other property search platforms is their lack of unique features. RealScout allows your clients to state their likes and dislikes about properties and their wants and needs in a new home. This allows the RealScout platform to seek homes based on your clients’ preferences.


RealScout’s New Technology Helps Sellers to Sell Faster


A Nashville broker recently describes his success using RealScout. He summed it up by stating, “There’s nothing else like it available!”. Why? Here are three features he liked:

  1. The Buyer Graph using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) locates properties meeting the buyers’ preferences;
  2. This A.I. learns what a buyer wants, based on their profile preferences and search history to suggest listed properties to the buyer and his/her agent; and
  3. RealScout allows listing agents to see which buyers using its system viewed his/her listings online. Then the system provides a list of the buyers’ agents to contact them. It also allows the listing agent to see if the buyer’s agent viewed the sent information.


An Examination of the RealScout Buyer Graph


Nobu Hata, Chief Executive Officer at Denver Metro Association of REALTORS®, wrote about his experience with RealScout’s Buyer Graph.

“In a nutshell, a Buyer Graph is a collective of sophisticated brokerages that opt to share carefully anonymized and selected data about their buyers as a way to increase market transparency and to make brokering deals more seamless.”

He also claimed that the Buyer Graph:

  • Increases access to market demand analytics improving decision-making for buyers, sellers, and agents;
  • Enables buyers to better match their preferences with listings;
  • Allows sellers to better price their properties based on local buyers’ data; and
  • Promotes communications between listing and selling agents.


Quicken Loans Rates RealScout as the Best Tech Option for Real Estate Agents


In 2020, Quicken Loans rated RealScout as the best tech option for Real Estate Agents. They looked at the four best tech software and apps to help real estate agents impress their clients and enhance productivity.

RealScout earned its best (#1) rating based on:

  • Improving communications with clients;
  • Maximizing the use of buyers’ data;
  • Allowing use of client profiles;
  • Enabling personalized automatic email alerts to buyers;
  • How the system learns buyers’ preferences and uses them in property searches;
  • Allows viewing of buyers’ search activities on the backend;
  • Let’s agents communicate with their buyers within the system;
  • Let’s buyers mark properties they like and don’t like and removes the disliked properties;
  • The best system to help buyers find the best listings based on their preferences; and
  • How it lets agents communicate with their clients throughout the search process.

It’s these types of ratings that explain how RealScout makes our San Diego real estate agents better in 2021.




Let’s sum up how RealScout makes our San Diego real estate agents better in 2021.


Sales Agents

Our sales agents find these RealScout features beneficial:

Agent Protections – RealScout protects agent users from buyers bypassing them to work with other agents. It accomplishes this by preventing buyers from registering without an invitation from an agent. Once registered, the buyer works exclusively with that agent through its Safe Search program.

Buyer Graph – Our sales agents can show their buyers what competition they face for their desired home.

Personalized Property Searches – Each buyer’s profile of the desires and needs of their dream home allows the agent to know what the buyer seeks. The search system looks for specific features in the real-time local MLS listings based on the buyer’s preferences.

Searching Homes with Clients – RealScout makes it easy for an agent to spend time with each buyer searching MLS listings to explain how the process works.

Rapid Listing Alerts – Automated personalized emails sent to each buyer whenever a new listing matches the buyer’s preferences.

Agent & Buyer Bonding – RealScout enables the agent to track each buyer’s searches. It also allows direct communication with buyers within the system. Once the buyer chooses a home to preview, the system notifies the agent who sets up the viewing. This brings the agent and each buyer closer to each other during the home search process.


Listing Agents

Buyer Graph – RealScout’s unique up to date local buyers’ preferences data lets our listing agents suggest better pricing and marketing strategies to their sellers. Also, it helps our listing agents show their sellers what’s important to buyers when searching for a greater San Diego home. In addition, it evolves as new local buyers’ preferences come to light to help listing agents.

Better pricing and marketing lead to faster sales at the highest price.  


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