Think Local, a national marketing movement requires focusing on your local marketing.

This trend not only helps local businesses to thrive, but also many real estate agents use it to succeed, read on…

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Why Think Local?


Back in 2016, a survey conducted by Small Biz Trends showed that 62% of all purchasers felt that local businesses need a stronger online presence.

Toluna, the world’s first real-time consumer insights platform, reports that over 70% of consumers worry about small business challenges when competing against large retailers. Yet, less than 50% of consumers spent any time shopping at local businesses.

Too many customers think that small businesses do not cater to their local community.


San Diego Think Local Trend


The solution requires small businesses to create or support existing “Think Local” initiatives within their local communities. 

Such a solution exists in San Diego.

The North San Diego Business Chamber started its “Think Local First San Diego” program several years ago. This program designed towards job growth, strengthening its local tax base while championing local commerce encourages local purchases, hiring, and contracting services. Numerous San Diego elected officials, businesses, and local community organizations, and Chambers of Commerce united to form the “Think Local First San Diego” program.

San Diego’s general public encouraged to purchase products, services, and hire within the greater San Diego metropolitan area strengthens the entire region.


Think Local Works


The original Think Local program began in 2006 to assist local businesses in the greater Washington, D.C. area. Named the Think Local First DC program, locally owned businesses linked with their neighbors to build ties of economic and social relationships. These links created over 2 million jobs over the next 8 years. The impact demonstrated that for every dollar spent locally resulted in at least 3 times greater economic impacts.

Wisconsin followed this example by creating a Think Local Magazine startup which currently publishes in 10 Wisconsin communities. The magazine advertises local business products and services. In addition, their magazine’s “local discounts” boost local businesses and promotes local businesses.


San Diego Think Local for 100% Commission Real Estate Agents Helps


Marketing gurus point out that joining relevant (to your profession as a real estate agent) community organizations, charities, groups, and events help with prospecting.

Getting involved with your local community lets people know who you are and the type of real estate niche you specialize in. The more you help your local community organizations, the more they want to help your business.

That’s why San Diego Think Local for 100% commission real estate agents helps.


Think Local Helps Every Small Business


Forbes, in an article titled “Why You Need to Support Small Businesses” points out that small businesses are “big business” in the U.S. The Small Business Administration (SBA) identifies nearly 30 million nationwide where more than 75% identify as “self-employed”. Almost half of these businesses include local doctors, lawyers, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, beauty salons, pet shops, and boutiques.

Forbes also points out that many of these local businesses fail within their first 5 years because local shoppers tend to make their purchases at nationwide chain stores like Walmart. One reason for supporting local businesses according to Forbes is their customer service provides more hands-on and personalized care than large chain stores.

In addition, Forbes emphasizes is that local business owners tend to give back to their local communities. This helps boost the local economy. Large chain stores send their profits to their headquarters. In essence, supporting local businesses supports your local community.


Local Marketing Helps San Diego 100% Commission Real Estate Agents


Let’s face it, most licensed real estate agents in California tend to sell local listings. While possessing a California real estate license allows you to sell properties statewide, the vast majority of California real estate agents sell locally.

A 100% commission real estate agent in San Diego must master the greater San Diego real estate market.         

Besides getting actively involved with the “Think Local First San Diego” program, think like a San Diego small business person. That’s right, every 100% commission real estate agent is a small business person. So, market your professional services like a local small business.


Local Marketing Facts for Small Business


The Kabbage Team provides free marketing tips and finds small business loans. They show that mobile devices surpass computers by 65% to 35% on internet usage according to CNN.

Therefore, “mobile local searches” offer greater opportunities for local businesses. The Kabbage Team analyzed data from Google local searches and concluded:

  • 85% of consumers used search engines to discover local information.
  • 84% of consumers seek ads focusing on their location like city, neighborhood, or ZIP code.
  • 60% use smartphones to search for local businesses to learn hours, directions, and product availability.
  • 52% of shoppers conducting smartphone local searches visited one of those local businesses within one day.
  • 20% of smartphone local searches ended up purchasing within a day. In comparison, only 8% made a purchase with their non-local searches.

Sadly, too many small businesses fail to maintain a mobile-optimized website, according to a survey by Hibu, a local ads publishing company.

The optimization of websites for mobile devices is essential nowadays according to the Huffington Post.  Speed counts as sites taking longer than 3 seconds to fully load results in over 60% mobile users abandoning the site.


Tips to Improve Local Business Online Marketing


Locally Optimize Your Site. Make sure your website and blog posts and social media posting prominently display your “brand name online” with essential contact information. Use big fonts for easier viewing.

Make Every Site Mobile Optimized. You need to test your sites for different mobile devices and speed. In reality, optimizing for one mobile device does not optimize for all brands. Slow sites need tuning up.


3 Low Budget Tools for Mobile Device Optimization


Try these three low-budget optimization tools:

 Weebly offers easy drag-and-drop website builder includes these mobile features.   

 Squarespace allows non-tech beautifully designed templates with these pricing plans.

 Duda provides any site to be copied onto Duda without rebuilding the site.


Join These Groups


Two online groups worth joining to enhance your local search capabilities include:

Google My Business:  A free listing appears when people search for your business on Google Search and Google Maps. You can build a website, engage with clients, and update your listings from your phone, tablet, or computer. Allows you to upload videos, display photos, and set up a customer reviews platform.

Yahoo Localworks: List your business on over 60 online directories like Bing, Yelp, Yahoo, MapQuest, WhitePages, and others. For $30 a month, you may also enhance your listings with photos, discounts, promotions, and new listings. Update items quickly for all your listings. In addition, includes easy tracking performance features.




San Diego Think Local for 100% commission real estate agents helps them to succeed. Most importantly, join the North San Diego Business Chamber’s “Think Local First San Diego”. This gets you actively involved with local businesses leading to good prospects.

In addition, you need to promote your San Diego real estate agent business just like any other small local business.    

Follow these local marketing tips for your 100% commission real estate agent business in San Diego.

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