San Francisco is a great market for 100% commission real estate agents.  

100 commission San Francisco

It is an expensive place to call home and that means median home prices garnish a higher commission check for agents.  San Francisco is the fourth highest populated city in California and 12th in the US.

With Victorian architecture coupled with modern skyscrapers, steep hills, and thriving cultural diversity, this city is also the backdrop of famous landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, and the cable cars, it is no wonder this is a densely populated city.

In the late 1990s the dot-comers were king and caused a major growth spurt for San Francisco.  Start-ups were bursting onto the scene in record numbers, and even after the bursting of the “bubble” in 2001, the city is still one of the highest rated for technology and entrepreneurship, which drives much of the economy even now.

Family income in San Francisco is, on average, ranked 3rd in the country.  This creates an incredible opportunity for agents to sell more homes and earn 100% commission on every transaction with Big Block Realty.

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