This post is for all real estate agents trying to find a reasonable brokerage. Perhaps you are tired of having your efforts obstructed by brokers that ask for a higher commission or expect you to pay hefty fees for support or Errors and Omissions insurance.

Here are the top 10 reasons why cooperating with highly reliable 100% commission brokerages like Big Block Realty will help you set every one of your stresses to rest.

1. Keep 100% of Your Commission

100% commission brokerages offer real estate agents the ability to keep full commission value without splitting it with the broker.

Most agents think the only good thing about traditional brokers are they offer more support, websites, and offices. What they don’t know is that Big Block Realty offers all of that too, and more.

2. Flexibility in Running your Business

100 commission benefits

When you choose 100% commission brokerages, you will profit by complete freedom in running your business the way you want. Allowing you the flexibility to meet up with the qualified leads, close more deals, and enjoy your social life.

3. Be in charge of All your Transaction Documents

100% commission brokerages make it convenient for you to manage all your transaction documents without taking any paperwork with you. You have access to a virtual back office for all your transaction documents.

4. Transparency

Here is one of the best reasons that drive agents away from the traditional real estate firm. Real-estate agents don’t like to pay extra for failing to use “in-house” services, charges on top of their “split,” or charges for E&O insurance.

Real estate agents want to know what they are paying on each transaction, regardless of the fee they charge for service. The freedom to charge varying rates for service is what real estate agents want, and that is the reason 100% commission plan bodes well.

Our 100% commission plans have only one all-Inclusive fee and you choose whether you want that deducted annually or monthly.

5. Get Paid at Closing

100 commission get paid

Numerous 100% commission brokerages, with the assistance of their transaction coordinator, will likewise ensure that you received installment when your transaction reports are submitted and cleared.

6. No High-Pressure Tactics

Many traditional brokerages, to account for lost revenue, pressure agents to use in-house transaction service, and this usually prompts extra charges taken from the agents.

Most experienced real estate experts have invested years building a relationship that enables them better serve their customers. They don’t need any added pressures that comes with traditional brokerage tactics to get them to use their in-house services.

7. Free Support System and Training

As little or as much as you require, many 100% commission brokerages are there to help you and are accessible when you need them, regardless of what the worry, at no cost to you.

Likewise, numerous 100% commission brokerages concentrate on making their training suitable and applicable. At Big Block Realty, we know just how relevant social media and digital marketing is in real estate today.  We train real estate agents in everything from legal contracts legal to cold calling techniques and scripts.

8. No Sales Quotas

100 commission no quotas

100% commission brokerages model is intended for agents who wish to work together at their own pace and level. Whatever your goals are, 10 sales or 100, you will get the support that is right for you and not a cookie cutter version with quotas they may not be in line with your goals at all.

9. Individual Attention

Large, traditional brokerages can make agents feel forgotten and lost. At Big Block Realty, we pride ourselves on giving our agents the individual attention they need in any situation to help them win as a real estate agent.

10. Build Your Own Brand

100% Commission brokerages have a unique opportunity to help agents build THEIR brand, not the brokerage brand. We not only help individual agents, but we help teams grow by assisting with marketing and signage. We want to support you every step of the way.

The hard truth is; traditional brokerages don’t have anything to offer real estate agents that the agents can’t get themselves from 100% commission brokerages.

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