Which are the top real estate podcasts in the U.S. in 2019?

So many real estate related podcasts on the internet. Finding the best could take you many hours over several days.

Thus, it takes reading reviews to narrow it down to the few which stand out amongst the rest.


The Top 15 Real Estate Podcasts in the U.S.

1. Tom Ferry Podcast

Tom Ferry, a long-time real estate guru teaching real estate agents about who to become better agents for years.

Considered one of the best real estate coaches over the last 20 years. His podcasts cover all aspects of the real estate industry from agents starting out to multi-million dollar client’s issues. Something for everyone in the real estate industry.

Popular Episode: How to Attract More Perfect Clients


2. Founders Club Podcast w/ Oliver Graf

Oliver Graf, a 3 time Inc 500 real estate entrepreneur and experienced San Diego real estate professional owning a brokerage with over 900 agents.

Find all the episodes at: www.FoundersClub.tv

His Founders Club Show for Real Estate Entrepreneurs inspires and motivates agents, brokers, investors, and any other real estate professionals. He advises on how to grow a real estate business along with how to generate leads, and convert more clients.

His show often invites real estate high achievers from top producers to developers. His casual conversations over a beer format which enlightens visitors.

Oliver’s Big Block Realty named one of Inc.com Fastest Growing Real Estate Brokerage in the U.S. for three years in a row demonstrates his success. And it keeps growing, as shown by becoming one of the Top 360 Entrepreneurial Companies by Entrepreneur in 2018.

His podcasts cover important industry topics like:

  • The Best Real Estate Marketing Tips
  • Listing Strategies
  • Strategies For Growing Your Real Estate Business
  • The Best Real Estate Tools and Softwares
  • Top Real Estate Entrepreneurs Sharing Their War Stories.

The iTunes website contains several raving reviews from users about his podcasts.

Popular Episode: How to Find Off-Market Properties


3. Kevin & Fred’s Agents Podcast

Kevin Kauffman and Fred Weaver with decades of real estate experience between them offer knowledge in easy to listen to audio lessons.

They provide actionable advice for real estate professionals.

Popular Episode: Say Goodbye to Sales that Fail: How to Negotiate Offers as Listing Agent


4. Bigger Pockets Podcast

The real estate industry Bigger Pockets community’s podcast offers real estate investors lots of tips and advice on gaining greater profits.

Passive income opportunities in all types of real estate investments from single homes to multi-family and commercial properties.

Popular Episode: Buy and Hold Real Estate — What Works and What Doesn’t


5. Brad Inman Unlisted Podcast

Brad Inman, the founder of Inman.com interviews real estate industry influencers and top producers. His podcasts provide many real estate tips on numerous topics.

Popular Episode: How a Top Producer Thinks and Acts


6. Real Estate Coaching Podcast

Julie and Tim Harris comprise a real estate coaching team sharing actionable advice. This duo provides motivation to do things today and not tomorrow.

They give you plans to follow to achieve success.

Popular Episode: Your 12-Week Plan to Seller Communication Success


7.  Agent Caffeine Podcast

Since 2011, real estate guru Kelly Mitchell excerpts and interviews many real estate secrets. Real estate topics range from advertising, branding, marketing, strategies, and sales. New technologies and how they relate to real estate also play big on these podcasts.

Popular Episode: Internet Conversion Rates with Dirk Zeller


8. GSD Mode Podcast

GSD Mode emphasizes how to get things done in the real estate profession. Their motto often refers to a “Do not accept Mediocrity”.

Their podcasts intend to “amp you up” with strategies to increase your business.

Popular Episode: GSD Mode – Joshua Smith


9. Yes Talk Podcast

Kevin Ward, a real estate agent coach providing weekly sessions with mindset development and actionable advice. Hear insights into strategy and skill developments. Also, systems and scripts for success.

Get the straight scoop on what sellers and buyers look for.

Popular Episode: Yes Talk with Kevin Ward


10. Super Agents Live Podcast

Toby Salgado offers behind the scenes with the biggest real estate producers. He interviews top-producing agents with sales volumes over $50 million a year. He gets them to open up about their sales strategies and why they do them.

Learn from the best agents in the country.

Popular Episode: Super Agents Live – Toby Salgado


11. Real Estate Rockstars Podcast

Pat Hiban, a New York Times author, interviews successful real estate agents about how they do it. Hiban interviews top producers and get them to reveal their secrets.

Popular Episode: Real Estate Rockstars with Pat Hiban


12. Brian Buffini Show Podcast

Brian Buffini’s personal rags to riches real estate story sharing his insights on mindset and motivations. His podcasts got over three million downloads in 166 countries.

His topics include how to “Change your life with your thoughts” and how to “Develop your self-beliefs”.

Agents wishing to stay hungry and motivated need to listen to his podcasts.

Popular Episode: Brian Buffini Show


13. Real Estate Realities Podcast

Robert Whitelaw, the Rebel Broker thinks outside the box. His perspectives and opinions often go against the grain.

Definitely gives you a new take on the real estate industry.

Popular Episode: Real Estate Realities with the Rebel Broker


14. Real Estate Success Rocks Podcast

Patrick Lilly sold over a billion dollars of New York City real estate. His podcast focuses on his approach to real estate sales.

Perfect for independent agents who appreciate his podcast topics like Airbnb Profitability Models” and “Digital Door Knocking”.

A real nuts and bolts topics providing great information without being flashy.

Popular Episode: Real Estate Success Rocks with Patrick Lilly


15. Top Agents Playbook Podcast

Ray Wood gives you industry overviews and practical advice. Typical topics include “Proven Scripts for a Tough Market” and “Real Estate Tech Future”.

True “hands-on” practical tips for real estate agents.

Popular Episode: Top Agents Playbook with Ray Wood


How to Launch Your Own Real Estate Podcast

After visiting some of these top 15 real estate podcast sites, you might want to produce your own podcasts.

The Fits Small Business website offers a free guide to help you start a podcast in 6 steps. Includes comparisons on essential equipment costs.

Bluehost offers you a great website hosting service starting at only $3 a month. Let’s you build a real estate website supporting your own podcasts.

Give your real estate brand some authority with podcasts to attract new clients and leads.


The Bottom Line

The top real estate podcasts in the U.S. in 2019 includes the 15 listed above.

The top real estate podcasts keep you on top of the latest industry trends. They also enhance your knowledge of the industry.

Listen to all 15 of these podcasts to choose your favorites to follow.

Also, consider creating your own podcasts to share your experiences and knowledge of industry tips and secrets.


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