View the top Realtor apps 2022 below. This will save hours of your time and save you money.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the U.S. has around 2 million licensed real estate agents. You can successfully compete in our profession by stepping up your tools with the latest Realtor apps in 2022.

Now, hopefully, we are seeing the end of the COVID-19 pandemic you need to look forward to 2022 with the right tools to succeed.


Re-focus in 2022: If you focus on baby boomers selling their homes, you need to re-focus to add the younger generation of first-time buyers. This requires keeping up with their digital habits. Expect this process to be remote with instant replies, paperless transactions, and tons of media materials.


So, let’s get to our quick reviews of the top Realtor apps 2022.


4 Top Realtor Apps for Safety 2022

The nature of our real estate profession makes safety our most important priority. Meeting potential clients, sharing information online, and showing properties, may lead to unsafe situations. Become aware and prepared.

1. Kleard App

Kleard is an app for showings and open houses verifying buyers in real-time. The Kleard app uses smart technology to set up urgent alerts for both open houses and showings, and automated safety alerts if you don’t end a showing. Your emergency contacts are included. Aso, it sets up validated open house sign-in information.

Pricing: Kleard Lite is Free while Kleard Pro costs $19.99 per month. Discounts are available for Realtor Associations members.

 2. Homesnap Pro

Homesnap Pro allows users to set a Safety Timer before attending a meeting or a property showing with a potential client. If the timer expires, it sends a text message to your emergency contacts that you are in distress. Also, with one tap It sends an instant distress alert to your emergency contacts.

Homesnap Pro is Free for REALTORS® ”in one of their partner MLSs”.

3. Trust Stamp

The Trust Stamp app is a simple and quick tool to establish the identity and trust of a stranger before meeting and/or giving access to a home or property.

Price: Free for Realtors using their NRDS number as Trust Stamp is a 2016 NAR Reach Company.

 4. SentriKey® Real Estate App

SentriLock is NARs official lockbox and a partner in the Realtor Benefits® Program.

The SentriKey® Real Estate App contains an Agent Safety Feature with an automatic alert to contacts in case of potentially dangerous situations.

Once a Realtor uses the SentriKey app to open a lockbox it starts the Agent Safety Feature. You set the time in seconds for the app to prompt a status update. If you don’t confirm you are safe it will alert your emergency contacts.

Price: Free for Realtors.

For more information about other tools for safety and resources visit: nar.realtor/safety.

7 Top Realtor Apps 2022


1. BombBomb

BombBomb lets Realtors build relationships through, text, emails, and social media.

The BombBomb app lets Realtors send personalized video messages, and personal video emails to build good relationships with prospects and clients. Personal video email messages are superior to old-fashioned text emails and easier to remember.

Pricing starts at $29 per month for individual Realtors and $49 per month for teams.


2. Dotloop

Dotloop lets Realtors transfer lots of paperwork into digital mobile formats. It makes it easy for agents, brokers, and teams to access and edit forms, collaborate, eSign, and automate compliance within mobile platforms.

Dotloop describes their app as “allowing more time-driven growth while not chasing paper”.

Pricing starts at $29 per month for individual Realtors.


3. TurboScan 

TurboScan document scanner for your iPhone. Handles multi-pages (like 20 pages) documents. TurboScan creates a PDF in DocuSign. You can get a document signed while in the field.

It also creates a PDF scan of images. Take a picture of the seller’s disclosure form and TurboScan creates a PDF file.

Pricing is Free.


4.  Freshdesk Messaging

Freshdesk Messaging offers live chat for modern prospects and clients who hate emails and phone calls. People who want replies Now! You can set up a programmed bot for an instant reply and answer questions.

Also, reply to their chats on your phone with text messaging.

Freshdesk Messaging integrates with WordPress, Zendesk, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and Freshsales.

Pricing: $15 per month for individual Realtors.


5. Realtors Property Resource (RPR)

RPR is a mobile app for making quick CMAs while out in the field. When asked by prospects, “What is this home worth?” RPR provides a quick automated valuation. However, it’s not exact. So, you reply with, “Let’s quickly look at an estimation. But, let me get back to you with a full CMA”.

RPR offers the convenience of a quick estimate on a property when you are away from your office and computer or just need a fast ballpark estimate.

Pricing: Free to Realtors as a “no-cost NAR member benefit”.

6. Calendly

Calendly is a Free online appointment scheduling app. Realtors save time by avoiding constant back and forth contacts to set up meeting places and times. Simply send a link to people which lets them choose dates and times already convenient for you.

Calendly integrates with most calendar scheduling tools.

Pricing: Free for individuals only wanting the basics.


7. Zillow Mortgage Calculator

You don’t have to use the Zillow app. But, the Zillow Mortgage Calculator app for an iPhone calculates the principal, interest, insurance, taxes, and the PMI.

Pricing: Free


Top Realtor Apps 2022 – Conclusion

Now that we looked at several top Realtor apps 2022, let’s summarize them.

Realtors’ safety is foremost as the world is full of peril. The top 4 Realtor apps for safety in 2022 are Free:

  1. Kleard App – Protects Realtors when meeting strangers at property showings, open houses, and anywhere else. If you fail to end a showing without notifying the system at a set time it sends distress messages to your emergency contacts;
  2. Homesnap Pro – Also lets you set up a safety timer before meeting someone or people at an open house. If you don’t stop it when the time expires it sends a distress message to your emergency contacts;
  3. Trust Stamp – Establishes the identity and trustworthiness of a stranger before a meeting or a showing; and
  4. SentriKey® Real Estate App – This is a NARs benefit for Realtors. When a Realtor uses Realtors the SentriKey app to open a lockbox, the Agent Safety Feature starts up. The Realtor sets a timer and when the time is up if the Realtor fails to check in the system sends a message alert to the emergency contacts.

Besides safety, 7 apps save Realtors time and money like:

  1. BombBomb – Realtors build relationships with text, emails, and social media. Also, using personal video messages;
  2. Dotloop Lets Realtors transfer paperwork into digital mobile formats;
  3. TurboScan – Free document scanner for iPhones;
  4. Freshdesk Messaging – Live chat for modern prospects and clients who hate emails and phone calls. Also, set up a programmed bot for instant replies and answering questions;
  5. Realtors Property Resource – RPR is a mobile app for making quick CMAs while out in the field. While not an exact CMA, it allows Realtors to provide a quick ballpark estimate of a property’s value, Free for Realtors;
  6. Calendly – Free online appointment scheduling app. Saves Realtors and clients’ time with easy scheduling for meetings on days and times they agree on; and
  7. Zillow Mortgage Calculator – Free app for an iPhone to calculate the principal, interest, insurance, taxes, and the PMI.

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