Want to know why real estate agents move to San Diego in 2021? 

It’s because the local real estate market is booming with more opportunities for real estate agents to profit. Also, San Diego offers year-round warm weather, beautiful beaches, mountains, with an urban/suburban beach lifestyle unmatched by northern colder regions.

Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Should Move to San Diego in 2021


Back in December 2020, the San Diego Union-Tribune predicted: “San Diego housing market to be in favor of sellers throughout 2021”. The newspaper claimed that home prices would rise due to limited supply creating a sellers’ market in 2021. That prediction came true.

Consider a week’s news stories about San Diego’s housing market published in May.


May 10                                                                                                                                                                                       

Let’s start with a news story from The New York Times on May 10 titled, “$1.5 Million Homes in California”. The NY Times describes one San Diego home as “a 2005 Mediterranean style home with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, on a 0.1-acre lot”. The sales price is $1.495 Million.

Located close to the University City business district and the University of California San Diego campus. Only a 10-minute drive to the famous Del Mar Fairgrounds with its popular horse racing track. The 2,056 square foot home offers Spanish-style floors with Moroccan tiles. The home sits in an exclusive private community providing a large swimming pool, play area, and fitness center.

Thus, $1.5 million buys nice homes in San Diego.


May 11     


San Diego Union-Tribune news story titled, “Blackstone Group to buy 66 apartment complexes in San Diego for more than $1 billion”.

The giant private equity Blackstone Group bought 5,800 units from the Conrad Prebys Foundation making it one of the biggest landlords in San Diego with 6.700 units.

New York-based Blackstone Group plans to buy more than $1 billion in 66 San Diego County residential complexes by year’s end making it the largest real estate transaction in local history.  Blackstone intends to spend $100 million to improve its new assets. Already, Blackstone owns $4.5 billion in San Diego County properties including the Hotel del Coronado and the popular LEGOLAND.

The Tribune also pointed out that the average rent increased by 5 percent over last year during the same week, according to real estate tracker CoStar.

Also, the Tribune reported the real estate website Zumper claimed in April that San Diego was one of a few housing markets nationwide with rent increases making it a “hot rental market”.

Therefore, San Diego’s rental market is booming. 


May 17


The Fox5 News channel reported that “San Diego housing prices surge amid statewide trend”. In April, a San Diego County single-family home rose to $825,120 with an increase of $25,000 from the previous month. Just one year ago, the median price was $671,000 in San Diego County. That’s a 22% increase in one year.

Fox5 based its facts on a report issued by the California Association of Realtors (CAR) describing an increase in home prices across California in April 2021 from the previous year.

San Diego home prices are soaring!


May 18


The Fox5 News channel reported that “San Diego’s surging real estate prices lead some buyers to pump the brakes”.  Buyers bemoaned finding the perfect home only to lose it when the local market accelerated. San Diego County housing prices soared in April to an average of $825,120 according to CAR. They urged buyers to move faster on making offers throughout San Diego County.

Even offers above listing price lost out to higher offers. Bob Patterson, a resident of Carlsbad in San Diego County, decided to “pump the brakes” on searching for a home until the market cools down. But, will it?

It’s a seller’s market boom in San Diego. 


May 19


The KPBS news wire reported “First-Time Homebuyers Struggle As San Diego County’s Median Home Price Soars”. San Diego County detached single-family home prices increased by $25,100 between March and April of this year reveals little inventory. Only 2,300 homes for sale compared to last year when over 5,000 were for sale. Normally, from 6,000 to 8,000 are for sale.

A real seller’s market currently exists in San Diego County. Yet, the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in California won’t end until June 15 which will adjust the real estate housing market. Local Realtors report that buyers outbidding the locals are from outside the greater San Diego region. This includes investors speculating on future higher prices.

One Realtor claimed that the “sky-high prices” and a short small inventory is causing buyers to waive contingencies like an appraisal on an all-cash offer. It’s pretty much turned into a bidding war. California home sales increased for the fourth straight month in May according to KPBS.

Desperate buyers mean good business for San Diego real estate agents.


More Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Should Move to San Diego in 2021


Here are four reasons why real estate agents should relocate to San Diego in 2021:


1. Work From Home Renters Flocking to San Diego


On April 29, 2021, CBS8 News reported, “Like the housing market, San Diego rental market is booming”. The report indicated both the housing and rental markets are booming because more people are moving to San Diego. The pandemic allows people to work from home so many workers feel “why not work from a beach community with warm sunny weather”?

One Realtor claimed that with the influx of new arrivals even short-term rentals are booked for up to a year instead of a weekend. In fact, San Diego ranks as the sixth most popular destination for renters to relocate nationwide.


2. Better Buyers Moving to San Diego


The KPBS News channel in April reported, “Fast-Rising Housing Prices Changing South County Real Estate Market”, One Realtor claimed that due to the high prices, more “professionals and entrepreneurs are moving south”. They can afford the San Diego housing market prices.

According to a report by the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller home price index, San Diego metropolitan home prices increased by 17% in a year as of February. This is the fastest San Diego home increase in the past 16 years.


3. The COVID-19 Pandemic Restrictions End in June 2021


Once the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions end in June, expect more housing market activity as sellers thinking of moving are free to search for a better home. That may mean moving south to warmer weather and beaches to improve their lives.

The Los Angeles Times claims that California homes sell faster since the last “three decades”. One reason for this trend is the pandemic which forced investors to move money from hospitality and retail investments into single-family housing. The Times recommends buyers act fast before the pandemic restrictions end as the housing market should heat even more.

It’s going to be a hot housing market in San Diego this year!


4. San Diego Offers Warmth, Beaches, and More Outdoor Activities


Tired of the cold winters up north? Longing to live in a warm sunny nearly year-round environment?

Look at what San Diego offers. So many things to do in San Diego for your entire family. Instead of writing thousands of words about what to do, check out these links in 2021:


Who doesn’t want to live in a beautiful sunny warm beach lifestyle year-round that the whole family enjoys while the real estate agent parent prospers?


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