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The quest to becoming a GREAT Real estate agent never ends.  In this blog learn some of the 100% commission real estate agent training we offer to our agents at Big Block Realty.

That’s because real estate sales evolve every year with new apps, laws, regulations, and marketing techniques. Keeping up with new trends requires constant training.

Even with previous sales experience, real estate marketing demands updating and learning about new trends to succeed.

Below are several area’s in which you want to “Level up”…


Real Estate Agent Tips For Mastery


Real estate pros recommend the following tips essential for training real estate agents:


Basic Communication Skills


Successful salespersons in every industry must master communication skills.

Not only learning basic skills but practicing them until they become natural when you engage prospective clients. Because you write terrific property descriptions and eye-catching ad headlines don’t mean you possess great communication skills.

Learning about the best messages to convey interest when interacting with leads and prospective clients brings success. Practicing the delivery of those messages in person or on the phone develops engaging communications skills.


How to Nurture Leads and Prospects


Cold calling and mass emails generally do not result in enough leads and prospects.

Learning how to nurture leads and prospects requires different skills. Prospects can be found at different stages in their property search. For example, an out of towner arrives to check out housing for his family. Or, a recruited prospective executive weighs the options of staying or moving. An expectant mother looks for a bigger home.  

Real estate sales involve a long process. Think ahead to nurture prospects and leads.

Keeping prospects engaged over a long period of time leads to greater success. Marketing experts always point out how the “Purchase Funnel” works. Prospective purchasers follow this pattern:

  • Awareness of your listing based on your ads, communicated message (email, newsletter, blog, etc.) or independent discovery;
  • Interest by expressing a curiosity about your listing;
  • Desire by liking the photos or video of your listing; and
  • Action by taking the next step to make an offer on your listing.   


New Technology


Every year new apps, marketing techniques, trends, and tips from successful real estate agents and marketing gurus abound.

Learning about new technologies saves you time and leads to better ways to find, interact, and convince clients to act.

For instance, a prior blog post here discusses how new technology allows your property listings to become 3D video virtual tours of the entire home. The Matterport 3D camera creates video walking tours of an entire house. Imagine your prospects excitement when you send them a link to a 3D preview of your listing they can view from their computer or smartphone! Compared to the mundane photos and basic videos your competitors’ use, your listings jump out to entice buyers.

That’s one example of how new innovative technologies increase your sales.


New Marketing Trends


New marketing trends in 2019 already publicized by Forbes includes “reputable content” selling more than mere ads. Also, Forbes declares that creativity and not conformity leads to marketing success. 

SmartInsights writes about “digital transformation” programs, “multichannel to omnichannel” marketing trends, and “conversational user interfaces” in 2019.

Looks like we need a new dictionary for these marketing terms in 2019.

The point being, you must keep up with new marketing innovations in 2019.

Besides, your clients expect you to come up with a good marketing plan. As an expert in selling homes and/or helping buyers find their ideal home, you must know the latest marketing trends and innovative technologies.

Your clients nowadays also expect you to be the “IT expert” and not someone who knows a little about emerging technologies.   


Time Management and Scheduling


The busier you get the more you need apps and tools to schedule appointments, previews, and closings.

Time management apps save you time.

Learning about new technologies about how to become better organized and how to save time is essential.

Here are three free real estate agent time management apps:

RememberTheMilk.com a free app allows you to manage different devices. Compatible with your mobile, computer, Gmail, etc. Helps you with managing tasks. Even sends you a reminder to all your devices and by email. 

MyLifeOrganized.net generates automatic all-to-do-lists and allows you to focus on actions requiring your immediate attention. It even tracks your progress. For Androids, IOS, and Windows users.

Evernote.com free basic plan captures your ideas, thoughts, and images for free. Also, includes voice notes and the ability to record speeches, meetings, and interviews. Synchronizes with RememberTheMilk.com programs for greater time optimization.


100% Commission Real Estate Agents Need Self-Improvement


100% commission agents need to sharpen their saws.

As self-starters, 100% commission agents need entrepreneurial commitment to improve their sales skills. Never stop learning from the top real estate producers. Read what they tell. View their teaching videos. Attend their lectures and live events.

The internet offers a wealth of informative articles, blog posts, and books from top producers.

Use the time between showings, meetings, and appointments to listen to audio books or view podcasts to learn more.

Never stop learning.

Educate yourself!


Ongoing 100% Commission Real Estate Agent Training At Big Block Realty


100% commission real estate agent training provides crucial knowledge and must be ongoing. Become an even more successful 100% commission real estate agent with proper training.

Choosing a 100% commission brokerage offering superb training is essential. The Balance offers tips for real estate agents. A recent article titled “Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent” recommends choosing a broker offering good training.

Our 100% commission brokerage offers Free Training. Learn about important subjects like:

  • Marketing;
  • Sales Skills;
  • Social Media;
  • Legal;
  • Contracts; and
  • Team Building.

In addition, you get Free Broker support and a real estate attorney all-in-one.

Join Us to become a 100% commission real estate agent with no hidden fees. That’s right, we offer full transparency and no hidden fees with our 100% Commission Plans.

Steven Rich, MBA – Guest Blogger


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