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Useful apps for 100% commission real estate agents in 2019 to save time and earn more commissions.

As 2019 approaches, new and old apps for 100% commission real estate agents as explained below will help you make 2019 a very profitable year.

Consider the following useful apps for 100% commission real estate agents in 2019:




Placester provides a very useful real estate app allowing you to build a website for all your listings. An essential tool when you handle numerous listings at the same time.

This app uses the WordPress platform making it easier to build, configure, and edit your listing sites.




CityMaps owned by TripAdvisor offers detailed maps for communities around the world. A useful app for showing prospective buyers exactly where properties are located.




Zurple provides real estate agents client generation software. Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) allowing you to input your buyer’s preferences and provides “behavioral automation marketing” to search your local market with the ability to know what they can afford.

Zurple tracks a person’s online browsing habits and notes their budget and preferences. It feeds you listings they will like and afford.

Look at Zurple as a lead generation app that helps your buyers find listings they want and qualify to purchase.




Along the lines of Zurple, MagicPlan helps real estate agents tailor fit a home to their buyer’s preferences.

This app allows you to take measurements, photos, and create floor plans with your smartphone. Store your floor plans in the cloud. Add objects, attributes, and annotations too.

MagicPlan allows agents to quickly map out a room showing where different types of furniture fit in a home. Perfect for buyers with furniture they need to move into a new home. Or, for planning out which room fits easier for an office, nursery, study, or entertainment center.




Matterport provides 3D camera and building scanner to create video walking tours of properties. Your clients won’t have to physically preview a house as they can take the tour from their smartphones or computers.

Matterport makes your listings more accessible, exciting, and attractive than your competitor’s listings photos.




CalcsFree app makes it very easy to perform necessary calculations. If you’re not a mathematician, CalcsFree allows you to plug in a few numbers to calculate taxes, mortgages, and insurance payments for your listings and showings.




The Realeflow app manages contacts, leads, properties, deals, websites, and marketing campaigns.

Realeflow also provides a deal analyzer and a repairs estimator that your buyers (especially investors) appreciate.


LoopNet for Commercial Real Estate


LoopNet is the perfect platform for property investors. Real estate agents working with investors find this useful too.

Just plug into your local area to find a wide range of commercial property listings like office space and multi-unit residential properties.

Many real estate agents complain about the local MLS not listing all of the commercial properties available. LoopNet founded in 1995, is the largest commercial real estate listings platform in the U.S.


Xome for Auctions


Xome provides real estate search features like other platforms but specializes in auctions. While auctions sometimes find their way in an MLS, Xome contains exclusive auction listings.

Xome offers a “Homes Only” section where you find deals on foreclosures, bank-owned, and even short-sales. Many properties appear on Xome before reaching the general auction market. This allows investors an opportunity to pick up good deals at a lower rate than later on.


Ten-X Commercial App


Ten-X Commercial App loved by real estate agents for helping them find the best commercial property deals. This app organizes due diligence documents and allows investors to submit orders from their smartphones. The app even sends you alerts when a new property becomes available.


The Property Fixer App


The Property Fixer App lets investors analyze potential ROI on properties on their smartphones. Perfect for property flipping. It even includes a “Flip Analysis” feature showing the profit on a flip.

Property Fixer helps users track monthly expenses and potential renovation costs.




Zoom provides video conferencing from anywhere. Sure, you probably use FaceTime or Skype. But, Zoom offers you better quality. Compare the sound quality with them and you will notice a big difference. It’s like speaking to someone in the same room.

Zoom also allows you to record meetings and present spreadsheets. In addition, it’s easy to make videos and send them to anyone.




Trello: When working with a team you need to know what the other members are doing and vice versa. Assigning and sharing tasks amongst team members is easy with Trello. Sharing files and being informed of the progress of a team member’s task is a snap.

Managing the responsibilities of team members and staff using Trello is easy. Trello allows you to delegate tasks to individuals by adding task lists and even sub-lists. In addition with Trello, you include checkboxes to the task lists and even a “completion gauge” to help you track member’s progress no matter who many task lists and sub-lists.

Trello provides greater transparency of all tasks giving you a good view of each stage of productivity from your team and staff.




Dropbox makes processing documents easier. Conducting due diligence and organizing documents becomes easier with Dropbox.

Installing Dropbox into your computers makes file sharing in real time easy with your staff and team members.

The security features allow multiple users to access and share files while keeping the files safe from unwanted breaches with its complex security system.




SignEasy: The ability to use e-signatures on important documents saves you time. Lets you fill in forms and contracts and just about any type of paperwork that needs your signature and/or initials.

Also, provides an easy to use platform to send out agreements, forms, and contracts. Its effective tracking system lets you keep up with documents and includes an automatic reminder system so you won’t miss important deadlines. A seamless manner to move transactions forward.




DocuSign another e-signature app taking the drudgery of handling contracts and other paperwork. This app makes it easier for others to sign off on documents. Used by over 250,000 worldwide companies.




Slack allows you to stay in constant contact with your staff and team members. While that seems basic, Slack lets you to create new channels making collaboration on the same tasks easier on different projects.

Slack also provides file sharing and video conferencing so your team can keep up to date on each other’s progress.




Useful apps for 100% commission real estate agents 2019 includes new and old ones.

Look at these apps to see if they help you make 2019 a prosperous year.

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