How to Get More Real Estate Clients with Inbound Marketing


Every real estate agent wants to know, “How to get more real estate clients?” Learn how inbound marketing helps you get more real estate clients.

Follow these tips to increase your real estate clients using inbound marketing.


Steps You Already Took to Find Real Estate Clients


Every book and course for new real estate agents emphasize:

  • Asking friends and family for referrals;
  • Cold calling;
  • Distribute business cards;
  • Visit neighborhoods;
  • Knocking on doors;
  • Send lots of emails;
  • Start a newsletter;
  • Create a blog; and
  • Engage in social media.

Some of these work while others don’t.

If unsatisfied with the leads the above actions generated understand the following:

  • Asking friends and family for referrals may help at first, but they won’t actively look for referrals;
  • Cold calling is dead;
  • Prospects ignore emails;
  • Too many real estate blogs and newsletters out there;
  • Business cards end up in the trash; and
  • Social media inundated with millions outdoing each other.

 What to do to get more real estate leads?


How to Get More Real Estate Clients with Inbound Marketing


Inbound marketing generates real estate clients. 


Inbound marketing defined by HubSpot, a leading expert on inbound marketing tools, as “Creating valuable experiences that have a positive impact on people and your business”.

How do real estate agents do that? By attracting prospects and clients through your blog and website which provide relevant and helpful content. This means writing content related to real estate which helps potential clients.

For instance, home sellers like tips for getting the highest sales price which include curb appeal, understanding CMA’s, and making affordable repairs to increase value.

On the other hand, buyers like tips about using the best resources to find a home or how the escrow process works.

Helpful relevant content promoted on social media linking to your blog or website drives potential clients to them. Once they arrive, you must engage with them. Use conversational tools like chat and email to promise them continued value.

For example, explain how you save buyers time and money as an experienced skilled buyer’s agent.

Finally, you please them by consistently providing good advice and expert tips.


The Pitfalls of Outbound Real Estate Marketing


The exact opposite of Inbound Marketing is Outbound Marketing.

Remember the recommendations from the books and courses listed above? They are examples of outbound marketing. They require you to fight to get potential clients’ attention.

In essence, sellers don’t care about your new listings. Buyers don’t care about what you say during a cold call. But, both of them share a need to go online searching for what they want about real estate.

The internet made buyers and sellers more intelligent than ever. Nowadays, buyers dictate what they want to buy and when.

Thus, inbound marketing emphasizes writing content addressing the needs and problems of your target audience. As a result, you attract qualified prospects by building trust and credibility of your real estate agent brand.


Benefits of Inbound Marketing for Real Estate Agents


Look at inbound marketing as a non-interruptive way to attract qualified prospects to your blog and site. You build relationships by providing value with your content.

Marketing experts rave about how inbound marketing helps real estate agents. The following 4 reasons how real estate agents benefit from inbound marketing include:


1. Getting Found Online


Potential clients such as Millennials spend far more time viewing media online than reading or watching traditional media (newspapers and TV). Therefore, promoting your brand online rather than printed ads makes more sense. Especially with over 3.5 billion searches on Google every day.


2. Improved Targeting and Returns


Outbound marketing requires sending your messages to the vast numbers of people. This includes homeowners uninterested in either buying or selling. In addition, teenagers unable to buy or sell a house show no interest in your emails or printed ads.

This means your hard-earned cash spent on outbound marketing won’t give you a decent return!

On the other hand, inbound marketing allows you to better target your audience. People actively looking to sell or buy a home. Optimizing your blog and website for relevant searches helps to bring potential clients to your site.

But, it doesn’t stop there.

Inbound marketing continues after your visitors reach your sites. Obtaining their contact information allows you to reach out to address their specific needs.

HubSpot claims that “inbound leads cost 60% less than outbound leads”. Source This results in a better Return on Investment (ROI).   


3. Building Trust with Prospects


Expect a lack of trust between buyers and real estate agents. After all, they don’t know you but know you depend on commissions. Buyers perceive many agents focusing on making a sale rather than what the buyer wants.

Inbound marketing busts that myth. That’s because your content should educate and provide value to your potential clients.

Offering useful information and insight builds trust leading to increased business.


4. Staying Connected with Prospects


Real estate marketing and sales involve a long process. That’s why staying in contact with prospects during and after their purchasing process becomes crucial. Nurturing through chats, emails, social media engagements, and your blog offering valuable content furthers the principals of inbound marketing. Keeping your brand at the forefront of prospects’ minds until they do business with you.

Automatic emails nurture your database. Automation marketing software found with companies like HubSpot allows you to write emails in advance and program them for sending later on. Makes sending out mass emails to your contacts much easier.


Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) and Inbound Marketing


As an agent, success depends on prospects finding you at the right time. That’s when your potential clients are looking for your services. Known as Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT), the moment when a potential client stumbles into your brand before using you as an agent.

Marketers explain ZMOT as the exact moment when a prospect has an expectation, need, or question needing fulfillment on the internet.

For example, a prospect got hired to work in a different city and needs a house there right away. Your brand answering that question or listing homes in that city enhances the buyer’s life while putting your brand ahead of the competition.

Inbound marketing enables real estate agents to provide ZMOT to online prospects.


How Real Estate Agents Using Inbound Marketing Find Prospects


The most important way to use inbound marketing to find prospects.

Identify Your Target

Identify your target audience by defining your niche. Whether your niche emphasizes luxury homes, farmlands, only buyers, or certain neighborhoods you need to figure how to reach them.

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How to get more real estate clients with inbound marketing involves writing relevant content.

Make your blog and website give good advice and useful tips to prospects.

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