How to Create YouTube Videos Real Estate Buyers Want


It’s time to learn how to make real estate videos for YouTube that buyers will view.

In a recent post here we provided the “Best YouTube Channels For Real Estate Professionals / Realtors“. But, creating videos yourself requires knowing what buyers want to view.

Sure, it’s easy to film yourself talking about real estate or showing your listings on YouTube. But, agents need to know what topics arouse homebuyers’ attention.


Real estate buyers want YouTube videos


Too many agents think that a homebuyer wants to learn about the agent’s history and experience. Thus, the “About Me” video plays a big role amongst agents producing YouTube videos.

However, according to Inman, four other types of YouTube videos outrank a real estate agent’s “About Me” video. The following statistics come from a joint study by the National Association of Realtors and Google.

Let’s explore them:


1. Community-Based Videos


A whopping 86% of surveyed online home hunters prefer to watch videos about specific communities. As the old saying goes: “Location, Location, and Location”. Home buyers want to know: “What’s the community like?” and “How’s the local market?”

In addition, they want to learn about the types of community events and cultural activities. Also, the local schools and district rankings when compared to others in the state. What shopping centers and good restaurants are a short drive or walk away? They also ask about community recreation, parks, and public transportation.

Provide YouTube videos answering these questions when no other brokerage or agent does take you to the head of the pack.


2. Listing Videos


The survey shows that 70% of the homebuyers view video home tours. Quality photography and proper staging help you’re showcasing the house to potential buyers. Using props like a glass of wine next to a scrumptious cheese board in the kitchen or a stack of fluffy fresh towels by the pool tells a story of the lifestyle your listing offers.

YouTube videos pointing out the best features making this home unique wins points with buyers. Spending a little extra to produce 3D videos makes yours stand out from other agents. Matterport provides the only reality capture interactive, realistic 3D experience to showcase real properties. It’s like you are really there.

YouTube videos build anticipation and excitement through sight and sound. Combining moving images with animated graphics using a smooth human voice allows a buyer’s brain to retain the message much longer than text. Check out these real estate advice videos as good examples along with these scenes.


3. “How To” Videos


The same survey reveals that 54% of prospective buyers view videos to learn about the selling and buying process.

One of the most common search phrases on YouTube is “How to…”

The power of a “How To” video cannot be overly emphasized. They inform buyers of many important topics like:

  • How to negotiate a purchase price; or
  • How to prequalify for a mortgage; or
  • How to survive a bidding war; and
  • How to understand market trends.

 Sellers also love how-to videos to learn about:

  • How to improve curb appeal; and
  • How to set your listing price; and
  • How to stage a home for showings.

 Endless topics exist for buyers and sellers.


4. Testimonial Videos


Over 30% of homebuyers view testimonial videos. Testimonials from happy current and past clients always raise an agent’s credibility without appearing as self-promotion.

Buyers viewing happy clients expressing praise for their agent’s negotiation skills, community experience, and being awesome always leaves a very memorable, powerful impression.


Video Tips from YouTube Real Estate Professionals and Realtors


We recently published a blog post titled:” Best YouTube Channels For Real Estate Professionals / Realtors”. Several of them offered video producing tips that we share with you below:


Best Use of Visuals


From Greg Harrelson, a South Carolina real estate agent uses his YouTube videos to provide tips, training, and tricks for buyers and other agents.

Video Tip: Research the best types of visuals to help you communicate your message on YouTube. Speak over slides and graphics which pop-up during your video. Or, use a simple handwritten prop like Greg’s whiteboard. Video allows you to bring the artist inside you to come out. Be creative to jazz up your videos without breaking your budget.


 Interview Real Estate Experts


From Oliver Graf, Co-Founder, and President of Big Block Realty in San Diego

Video Tip: As Oliver Graf does, interview industry experts on your YouTube videos. Your hyperlinks to their websites help to achieve higher Google rankings for your site.


Produce Short Videos 


From Kevin Ward teaches confidence training to real estate agents.

Video Tip: Kevin Ward’s success with getting so many viewers comes from his ability to shape his message into short videos. That’s why video production requires analyzing what content your audience wants (i.e. tips for buying a home or tips for fellow agents). Then, determine the best way to communicate the message and the length of time.


Build Your Reputation 


From Mario Jannatpour producing real estate YouTube videos for over six years.

Video Tip: Reputation management built with Mario’s YouTube videos paid off. He built a strong brand as an “Honest Real Estate Agent” with his no-nonsense videos. Even led to his book of the same title sold on Amazon.


Showcase Your Personality


From Jessica Riffle Edwards makes unique videos. She’s a North Carolina “on the go Realtor”. Most of her YouTube videos settings occur in her car while driving around. Her simple, quick, to the point videos, showcase her personality.

Video Tips: Jessica always relaxed and down to earth. Never be stiff, show off your personality and have fun. A little humor at the right time helps too. People want to view authentic real estate agents. So, loosen up before clicking the record button.  


More Tips for Producing Real Estate YouTube Videos




Your channel page must look as good as your website. Besides your channel’s home page you can add a profile image and a banner. Create a professional looking headshot photo with your company name and contact info. Include a photo of your best listing.

Check out these agents’ design for their YouTube channels:


YouTube Video Headlines


Your YouTube video headlines need to be SEO friendly and luring as your blog post titles.

Write video headlines incorporating relevant keywords that entice people into viewing them. Just like you try to do with your blog post titles.

Use Google AdWords Keyword Planner or other similar keywords research tools.


Call to Action


Remember, your videos primary purpose to bring in business. Therefore, include a Call to Action.

Add Cards to your videos to inspire a Call to Action. Cards allow interactivity like pointing to a specific URL to your sites. Also, allows customized images.




Write a paragraph or two describing your real estate video. A summary of your content or description of the important topics.

Then optimize your descriptions for search engines using the main keywords. Google often adds YouTube videos in its search rankings.




Thumbnail images appearing on your video list in your YouTube channel must convey what the video is about.

Look at what this marketing company created for their thumbnails for different marketing topics Here.




You just learned how to create YouTube videos real estate buyers want.

The best real estate YouTube channels popularity stems from:

  • Using good visuals;
  • Testimonials;
  • How to informative topics for buyers and sellers;
  • Shaping messages into short videos;
  • Promoting communities; and
  • Showcasing the agent’s personality.

 Buyers want to view these YouTube videos:

  • Community-based;
  • Listings;
  • How to; and
  • Testimonials.


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