Here are the top Realtor mobile apps 2022. Realtors and real estate agents are always on the go. Carrying a laptop or even a tablet everywhere you go becomes a burden. But, downloading useful apps on your smartphone solves the problem.



  • View the top 13 mobile apps for Realtors in 2022.
  • These apps cover the following needs for real estate agents: CMA, CRMs, scheduling calendars, mobile document scanner, e-signatures, quality photos, password manager, marketing, floor plans, videos, digital sign-in, and transaction checklist.
  • You will learn about mobile apps not well-known yet helpful for your real estate business like LabCoat Agents, Lightroom, RPR, kvCORE CRM, MagicPlan, and Animoto.


Top Realtor Mobile Apps 2022


The following 13 mobile apps will save you time while providing value for your clients. Many of them are Free!


1. Realtors Property Resource (RPR)

RPR is a subsidiary owned by NAR to help Realtors while on the move.

The RPR mobile app lets you do quick CMAs anywhere simply. For example, you are out in the field with a client looking at properties. Your client looks at a property and asks “what’s it worth”? Your safest answer is: “Before going back to my office to do a complete CMA, this app can give us an estimate”.

While RPR is not exact, often it’s pretty close. Also, it provides all the listing details to fill your clients in.


2. kvCORE CRM App

If your current CRM doesn’t include a mobile app, check out the kvCORE CRM app. It lets you make phone calls directly from the app. It stores all your contacts including sorting by status.

You can store all your listings with their MLS data. Also, the app lets you post your new listings on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.


3. Calendly

Calendly is a Free online appointment scheduling platform. It lets you schedule meetings easily without back-and-forth emails.

Over 10 million users worldwide use Calendly. You can schedule meetings one-on-one or in groups. It schedules meetings without calendar conflicts. Also, it can automatically reschedule meetings quickly.

Just send a link to your clients, team, or prospects. The app allows them to quickly book the best time and day complying with your schedule.


4. TurboScan

TurboScan places a scanner on your phone. You never need to buy a real scanner. It can handle up to 20 pages.

It produces a PDF file that you can use with DocuSign for signatures while out in the field. Collect your e-signatures and get them to your Transaction Coordinator or directly to the escrow or title company.

Also, it lets you scan your phone photos to get a PDF file you can send out. You can save your phone photos and store them on your phone.


5. DocuSign

DocuSign lets your phone app get e-signatures for any document. Also, you can void documents directly from your app if needed.

Use DocuSign with TurboScan (see above) to make handling documents much easier on your phone.


6. Lightroom

Lightroom is an Adobe app to take high-quality photos. Use it for your listing photos and taking photos of prospects out in the field. The quality is so good people will think you

used a DSLR instead of your phone using Lightroom.

The quality is so high because Lightroom uses the RAW format instead of JPEG or another lesser format. RAW images offer better editing options than a JPEG.


7. 1Password

1Password lets you “create store and autofill passwords in a single click”. Account protection password manager for all your logins, credit cards, secure notes, and other private data.

You can use iPassword on your computer synced to your mobile device. So, all your passwords are safe and secure on all devices.

iPassword suggests stronger random passwords to avoid using the same password too many times.


8. LabCoat Agents for Marketing

LabCoat Agents is a marketing platform designed for real estate agents. Their app lets you create effective social media posts.

Likewise, it’s a one-stop-shop for creating or editing lots of marketing templates for door hangers, flyers, business cards, and more.

While waiting in line to place your order at a fast food you can create a Facebook or an Instagram story.


9. Freshworks for Marketing and Networking

Freshworks is a chatbot system giving your leads an instant reply and answer to their typical questions using a programmed bot.

Also, it lets you instantly respond to their chats on your phone like a text message.


10. MagicPlan

MagicPlan app lets you scan a room to get a quick detailed floor plan. Then, you can upload the floor plan to get cost estimates.

MagicPlan uses state-of-the-art tech to let you measure rooms and prepare sketches for interior plans in 2D or 3D. Also, 3D tours are another option.

Real estate agents use MagicPlan to help clients get renovation estimates before making an offer on a house.

Similarly, perfect for contractors and for fixing and flipping houses.


11. Animoto

Animoto is a Free app to create and edit videos. It lets you use your phone to shoot a video while adding titles, images, music, and transitions. Share your Animoto creations on social media.

Animoto video maker was invented for real estate agents. Create beautiful, high-quality real estate videos.

Display your listings with their easy drag-and-drop video maker. It’s easy because you can use their many templates to upload clips and images with their simple drag and drop system.

Customizing your unique videos is also easy. Add color, transitions, and fonts to your videos. Set a selection of music from their expansive licensed songs in their music library.

You get unlimited video creations with time-saving templates, your logo watermarks, and access to their massive stock library (over 1 million video clips and photos).

Create video property listings and real estate explainers making you an industry expert to land new clients.


12. Curb Hero

Curb Hero eliminates unreadable sign-in handwriting for Open Houses. Their digital sign-in saves you time and makes it easy to create a database for future prospecting.

Their QR code sign-in feature is 100% customizable.

Marketing becomes easier with their unique agent “link in bio” when contacting open house visitors for their feedback and prospecting.

Also, Curb Hero offers custom branding, lead verification, text, and e-mail follow-up, and single property websites.


13. Clozio

Clozio is a Free app that provides a complete transaction calendar and productivity tools. Every step and task from pre-listing prep through escrow closing for real estate agents.

It’s a lightweight easy-to-use transaction checklist to organize all the steps you must take during the complete transaction process. Keep your clients on the same page.


Top Realtor Mobile Apps 2022 – Conclusion


Here are 13 Top Realtor Mobile Apps 2022:

  1. Realtors Property Resource (RPR);
  2. kvCORE CRM App;
  3. Calendly;
  4. TurboScan;
  5. DocuSign;
  6. Lightroom;
  7. 1Password;
  8. LabCoat Agents;
  9. Freshworks;
  10. MagicPlan;
  11. Animoto;
  12. Curb Hero; and
  13. Clozio.


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