20 iPhone Apps for Real Estate Agents in 2019


iPhone apps for real estate agents in 2019 include the following 20 recommendations from real estate agents, entrepreneurs, and real estate investors.


iPhone Apps for Real Estate Agents in 2019


1.  10bii Financial Calculator  


Every real estate agent needs a quality calculator. Heck, this calculator does everything a real estate investor needs. Includes the ability to calculate different parts in a deal. For instance, the finer points in your investor client’s terms and seller carry back.


2.  Property Evaluator


A great real estate investment analysis tool for an iPhone and iPad.

Enter basic information about a property and view performance projections generated by comparing similar properties. Create a professional PDF report you email to clients, colleagues, and lenders.

Its purchase analysis feature provides all estimated purchase costs and mortgage expenses.

Perfect for comparing MLS listings, foreclosures, REO’s. short sales, or commercial properties.


3.  Black’s 9th Law Dictionary


Do you find yourself wondering what a legal term means in a purchase contract, counteroffer, or a zoning rule? This up to date legal dictionary app quickly makes you understand any legal term.

Know what “gazumping” means? This term describes a situation when a seller of real property accepts a verbal offer from a buyer, but later accepts an offer from another buyer.

How about “hereditament”? It means real property capable of passing title through inheritance like a building or land.       


4.  Economy


Find out what’s happening in the economy of different cities and states. This app stays up to date with economic factors in any area like job growth and population changes. It uses many sources like the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census data.

The app provides you with a snapshot of the U.S. economy using 45,000 of the latest economic indicators. It tracks their history for the past decades. Get detailed data on every state and al major metro areas.


5.  Voxer


Perfect for a real estate sales team as Voxer acts as a simple messenger tool or a walkie-talkie when team members preview different parts of an extensive property (think mansions, raw acreage, farmland, large commercial building or a huge hotel or apartment building).

Effective communications with team members scattered around the city or state. Communicate either as a private group or privately.


6.  LiveScribe


This app allows you to take notes with its special pen and turn your notes into content. Simply email your notes and they quickly convert into text.

In addition, send your notes with audio to provide complete clarity regarding meetings with clients or colleagues.


7.  TapeACall


This app allows you to record calls. Record conversations and interviews so not to forget important information.

Note: Federal and state laws exist about taping conversations without the other person(s) knowledge and consent. Know your laws!

The importance of knowing you heard it correctly during negotiations to receiving directions from clients makes this app essential. Beats taking notes and forgetting or misunderstanding what others say.

Email it to yourself or via DropBox or another cloud service.


8.  Starbucks


Yes, an app allows you to locate the nearest Starbucks no matter where you are. As you know, Starbucks provides an ideal quick meeting “watering hole” with plenty of caffeine to add a boost.      

Some real estate agents spend more time at a Starbucks than their office. More deals occur at a Starbucks because it’s “cheap, quiet, and convenient” according to TheSelfEmployed site.

A further incentive, the Starbucks app gives you discounts and special offers to save money.


9.  Snap


The Snap app lets you add people and their vital information to your contact database.

Use in conjunction with InfusionSoft, a small business CRM and marketing software for marketing automation and appointment setting. Snap loads all the contact information to your InfusionSoft database.

Perfect for loading information from a business card.

Snap and you’re done!


10.  Fantastical


The best calendar for setting appointments verbally. Click the microphone button and say, “Make an appointment at [PLACE] with [PERSON] at [TIME]”. This app does the rest by placing the information into your calendar.


11.  Skitch


A great app for taking screenshots on your phone. Annotates them for distributing to others with notes explaining the screenshot. Easy to use and very fast.


12.  Good Notes


Turn your iPhone and iPad into notepads with this app. Great for taking notes while out on the field.


13.  Uberconference


A simple conference calling system app. “Uber easy to use”. A very mobile-friendly app with a call recording feature to record calls and listen to them later.

Note: Remember to follow federal and your state’s laws about recording calls.

Perfect for recording team conference call and emailing them to your team members so they can listen later on.

Reduces confusion over what each person said or did not say.


14.  Join.me


Highly recommended screen-sharing tool. Share your screen with team members and clients.

Excellent for assessing properties, working out a marketing campaign, or going over anything from a long distance.

Showing others photos, charts, diagrams, or plans makes it easier for them to understand than by explaining on the phone.


15.  Vypr VPN


This app protects your documents and information on your mobile phone. It locks down your iPhone (or other mobile phones) so no one hacks or accesses your data.


16.  Duet


Some real estate agent like to use two screens at the same time. The Duet app lets you use your laptop as one screen and your iPhone as a second screen. Useful app when on the road.


17.  Jot Not Pro


This app lets you scan, email, and fax real paper from your mobile device or phone. You need a good Wi-Fi connection. It’s amazing how many people in a deal want to view paper documents.


18.  1Password


Get confused with so many passwords in your life? Owning many emails and online accounts requires separate passwords for each one for security reasons.

This password manager app makes life easier by remembering all your passwords and keeping them safe with encryption behind one password only you know.


19.  SugarSync


This app lets you share files and documents with anyone. A very secure system which protects information from loss.


20.  DropBox


Considered the “King” of safe and secure document storage and sharing. Handles tons of documents, images, files, and videos. Store and share these documents from anywhere using mobile devices, computers, and tablets.

Perfect for collaboration on projects, purchases and sales, marketing campaigns, and real estate transactions.




iPhone apps for real estate agents in 2019 includes 20 suggestions. These apps help you with:

  • Calculating real estate deals;
  • Legal terms dictionary;
  • Economic indicators for all 50 states and major metro areas;
  • Effective communication tools;
  • Converting notes into content;
  • Legally taping calls for better recollection;
  • Starbucks closest location;
  • Faster contact database updates;
  • Vocal appointment calendar;
  • Phone screenshots;
  • Converting your iPhone into a notepad;
  • Conference calling;
  • Screen sharing;
  • Mobile phone data protection;
  • Passwords simplicity;
  • Sharing documents and files; and
  • Secure documents storage and sharing.


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