Create Real Estate Videos With Special Effects


Create real estate videos with Hollywood special effects at a low cost explained here.

Imagine filming and editing YouTube videos to look like a Hollywood production at a low cost! The New York Times recently ran a story updated by Seattle Times article explaining the step-by-step process.


Use a Green Screen


For years Hollywood uses a “green screen” or a “blue screen” as a backdrop. It’s a film and video technique always used by TV weatherpersons and Hollywood movies like the “Avengers” movie series. Artificial backgrounds placed behind the action.

Record in front of a solid blue or green screen and insert software images changing the background.

Many free or low-cost apps let you add these techniques onto your clips.

Jazz up your videos for free or at a low price. Here’s how to do it:


Setting Up Your Studio To Create Real Estate Videos With Special FX


Buy a large piece of solid blue or green paper or cloth for the background. Hang it and aim strong lighting towards the screen keeping fabric wrinkles and shadows from appearing to blotch your video. 

Buy a few yards of inexpensive solid blue or green cloth from a fabrics store and use wide tape against a room’s wall. This costs less than $20 or spend a little more at a video specialty store like B&H Photo Video.

When considering a major project complete kits exist to buy called green screen studio kits which include studio lights and the backdrop with a frame to hang it on. These kits sell on Amazon for around $100.

Tip: When using people as subjects make sure they don’t wear any clothing with the same backdrop color. Same colors disappear becoming part of the background in your video.


Get Green Screen Software


If you want to do all the recording and editing yourself using your smartphone or tablet get a “chroma key” or a “green screen” app from an app store.

Two cheap options include:


Importing Clips on a Desktop Computer


If you want to import clips and edit them on your desktop check out these options:


All three works on Mac and Windows systems offering a free trial period. They contain more features than mobile apps and wider support for special effects, editing, and different types of media.

If on a budget, try these Free software programs:


Start Recording


Hang your backdrop. Make it as smooth as possible by using clips and tape to stretch the cloth tightly against the wall.

Then position your subject only a few feet in front of the screen avoiding shadows and start recording.

Making several takes to get the action perfect always occurs. If you are the subject or want inclusion in the action, place your camera or phone on a tripod to steady the recording.


Selecting New Backgrounds


If your app doesn’t allow alternative backgrounds for your initial shoot insert different scenes later. Many programs allow you to select a photo or another video or animation to replace the blue or green screen as the background for your video.

Also, you may download backgrounds and blue or green screen clips online. Several sites offer free or low-cost content to play around with. And you can add unexpected touches as you edit your video later. Check out:


Fine Tuning the Scene


While Chroma key works across different programs, read your app’s help guide to learn how to delete the blue or green backdrop.

A full video editing program gives you more control to fine tune your scenes than dedicated green screen apps. The full program allows you to compensate for uneven lighting to remove many color shades.

Programs like VSDC Free Video Editor, iMovie, and Chroma Key Tool let you position your clips on various layers over a timeline and cut out the boring parts and add music to your video.

Using these suggested programs and features allows you to create Hollywood special effects videos to your potential clients.


How to Market Your Real Estate Videos


Marketing your real estate videos to reach a wider audience.

We published a recent post to help you market your real estate videos. Here  

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Create Real Estate Videos With Special Effects Conclusion


Create real estate videos with Hollywood special effects to Wow your audience and impress potential clients.

The best part involves how inexpensive these videos become to produce all by yourself. Imagine virtual tours of your listings, a drive-by of attractive neighborhoods, and teaching potential clients how to buy and sell real estate.

You need to stick out from the crowded field of real estate agents. These special effect videos accomplish that. It’s up to your imagination with no limits on how you Wow potential clients.


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