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How Instagram promotes real estate agents brand. 


The Benefits of Instagram for Real Estate Agents


Instagram describes itself as a “free video and photo sharing app”. It’s also a great “advertising tool”. Facebook owns Instagram. That’s why it caters to advertising and provides an Ads Manager to help users’ ad campaigns.

Like all advertising, it comes at a price. The average CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per thousand impressions) cost more than Facebook and Twitter ads. However, users often gain higher CTR (Click Through Rate) when using Instagram.

In addition, Instagram Stories allows direct messaging and stories. Instagram Stories consist of brief videos or images uploaded for a 24 hour period. That’s right, only 24 hours then they disappear. Also, users drive engagements with their profiles using buttons and polls in their stories. Done correctly, your Instagram account can access nearly one billion users.


Why Real Estate Agents Use Instagram


Why use Instagram if it costs more and takes resources and time to maintain?

Look at Instagram as a comprehensive yet fresh view of your brand. Curating images when viewed with your profile create a modern look and feel for your brand. No need for professional photos (although they help) on Instagram as most users rely on their smartphone cameras and free graphics designed websites to do it themselves.

In addition, teaming up with an Instagram “Influencer” (a user with a large audience and high credibility) leads to greater exposure. Many influencers take photos of your brand and use your brand hashtag to convince others to follow you.


Tips on Creating Your Instagram Profile


When creating your Instagram profile, the first thing is generating your “handle”. It’s important that your handle makes your brand noticed. Many real estate agents simply use their user name with the “@” symbol.

Choose a handle that clearly defines you, what you do, and avoids confusion with other users. The more unique, the better. Check out the free Instagram Availability Checker before committing to your handle.


Three Steps to Build Your Instagram Profile


In three steps, you build a profile which stands out. Follow these tips:


1. Creating Your Instagram Bio


With only 150 characters available for your bio, brevity becomes essential.

A quick blurb explaining you and your brand. Clear and concise bios sprinkled with some emotion sets you apart from your competitors. Add hashtags linking to your favorite content.


2. Before Creating Instagram Content


Before creating content, think about your KPI (Key Performance Indicators). KPI for Instagram includes engagements, impressions, the rate of followers’ growth, and conversions. Use KPI to track how well your profile performs and adjust according to the KPI. Real estate agents KPIs include:

  • Contacts – How many people you engage daily.
  • Referrals – Generation through leads or existing clients.
  • Listing Appointments – Meeting with sellers for the first time.
  • Buyer Appointments – Meeting with a first-time buyer.
  • Listing Agreements – Number of sellers signing up to sell their property.
  • Buyer/Agent Agreements – Number of buyers who sign you up as their exclusive agent.
  • Listings/Showings – Both of these work together.   

Increasing your KPIs leads to success.

Investing in high-quality photos and influencers pays off with Instagram to promote your brand. However, tight budgets limit your opportunities to do these.


Choosing Instagram Hashtags


Hashtags used efficiently increase engagements by 12% per post. Think of hashtags as the best words or phrases using a hash (#) to classify messages on a specific topic. For example, the most popular Instagram real estate hashtags include: 

  • #realestate;
  • #realtor;
  • #broker;
  • #realestateagent;
  • #homeforsale; and
  • #househunting.


Local real estate hashtags for San Diego as an example include:

  • #sandiegorealestate;
  • #sandiegorealtor;
  • #sandiegobroker;
  • #sandiegorealestateagent;
  • #sandiegohomeforsale; and
  • #sandiegohousehunting.


If all these hashtags already taken in Instagram try thinking of your brand or your name instead, such as:

  • #paulawalkerealestate;
  • #johneasonrealtor;
  • #rawlandbroker;
  • #1031realestateagent;
  • #luxuryhomesforsale; and
  • #affordablehousehunting.

Instagram allows you to post up to 30 hashtags. So, use your imagination and flexibility in specialties to come up with unique hashtags.


3. Optimize Your Engagements


Social media thrives on inclusions and features. Involve your viewers by tagging reviews, comments, people, or crowd-sourced photos. Bear in mind, prior permission often required. Don’t post too sparsely or too often. Look up the key posting times in your area.

Giveaways, location tags, and aesthetic consistency boost engagements. Viewers favor accounts skillfully blending art style and giveaways. The personal side to your brand advances with posting your location. After all, if your farm area only includes San Diego, you don’t want to waste time with Arizona engagements unless they want to move to San Diego.


How Instagram promotes real estate agents Chad Carroll


Instagram Real Estate Influencers to Follow


As mentioned above, teaming up with an Instagram Influencer leads to greater exposure.  Even if you can’t afford to team up with an Influencer, look at the following list of leading Instagram real estate influencers to inspire you:

Chad Carroll adds contact information into his listings captions to use a model for your listings. Notice his 464,000 followers.

Bryan Casella mixes real estate and lifestyle resulting in 30,000 followers.   

Joyce Rey uses professional photos for her listings. Also, she uses Instagram videos. Her drone shots are breathtaking. That’s why over 60,000 follow her.

NAR with its own Instagram account provides useful facts and statistics to help you.

Austin TX Real Estate provides a perfect model for promoting local listings on Instagram. Check out his “Hoods”.

Dusty Baker integrates his personal life and real estate business successes into a strong social media presence. 

Matthew Sweat a real estate agent and a photographer using his photo skills to highlight homes and picturesque neighborhoods.

Hawaii Life showcases beautiful Hawaii scenery while educating you. See how he inspires his customers while building an audience.

Stage2prop for unique renovation ideas with lots of before and after photos in his “Renovations” section.

The broke agent for comic relief about a real estate agent’s journey earned him 128,000 followers.

Charlie provides lots of bright listings photos with relevant information about the neighborhoods.  

Sarah does a great job showing off her personality and lifestyle detailing her career and inspirational personal photos.

Urbanluxe photos of a luxury real estate market to inspire you in her “Luxury” item.

Flipsocial chronicles the steps for flipping a house. Lots of before and after photos detailing the process in his Redondo and Conant items. Also, click on his YouTube for video before and after.




How Instagram promotes real estate agents in a unique way.

Instagram provides real estate agents with many features. Such as their “Stories” to upload videos and photos for 24 hours to keep your content fresh and engaging.

Teaming up or following the leading Instagram real estate Influencers leads to greater exposure and ideas for your Instagram account.

Choosing the right Instagram handle for your specialty makes a big difference for success.

Also, coming up with unique Instagram hashtags efficiently increases your engagements.

Optimize your engagements by tagging people, comments, reviews, and crowd-sourced photos.

Visit the list of Instagram real estate influencers listed here to follow them for great ideas for your account.

If you can,  team up with one to generate business.


Instagram Success Leads to More Commissions


Follow these tips and suggestions to earn more commissions using Instagram.

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