Want to learn how real estate agents write better blogs? This post is a follow-up to our recent post titled: “Best Real Estate Blogging Tips By Google”.

Google and many bloggers and content writing experts offer tips for writing better blogs posts. We will include many of those tips here.


How Real Estate Agents Write Better Blogs


Real estate agents thrive by educating potential clients in their blog posts. After all, the real estate industry confuses buyers and sellers with laws, rules, ethics, terminology, and procedures. It’s up to us to educate the average layperson and novice buyers and sellers.

According to SEO expert, Neil Patel, Google rates blog posts higher in their search rankings if they educate viewers and give the best answer to user search questions. Google looks for:

  • Helpful blog posts are written with;
  • High-Quality content by;
  • Experts on the subject (topic) using;
  • Long-Form posts over 1,200 words long;
  • Consistently posting content weekly or bi-weekly; and
  • Long-Lasting evergreen posts that remain relevant for years.


According to Digital Doughnut, a popular digital marketing platform, these are the “Top 6 Skills Necessary for Content Writers to Excel in 2021”.  Content marketing is on the rise in 2021. Yet, finding good writers with the skills to create content attracting and engaging viewers is difficult. So, Digital Doughnut explains the six necessary skills as:


1. Know what Your Audience Needs


Know who you are writing for. High-quality content addresses the target audience. You must identify your audience so your content impacts them into acting (like contacting you).

You can only develop good relevant content knowing who will read it and why. That’s where studying the demographics of your target audience becomes important.

Writing an article about effective chess moves will not interest anyone but chess players. That’s why you must understand your target audience before writing for them.


2. Understanding Basic Writing Practices


Content writers need to know how to create different types of written content. For instance, a good writer needs to understand copywriting skills. The art of copywriting makes a writer an essential part of a brand’s marketing efforts.

Copywriting creates clear, compelling content to engage and educate consumers or sell products.

Selling professional services for a real estate agent means educating buyers and sellers. An agent accomplishes this by engaging them in social media channels like a blog, online forums, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many others.


In addition, you need a distinct writing style. With so many other agents pitching their listings, buyer agent skills, and professional offerings you must be distinct.

Always avoid run-on sentences and check your grammar. Besides that, make the tone and flow of your content natural and appealing to your readers.

Writing experts recommend short and captivating paragraphs. They are easy to digest and keep readers interested.

SEO experts emphasize the importance of keeping viewers on the web page to avoid “bounce rates” where viewers quickly log out. Google algorithms include rating a good user experience that makes viewers stay on longer.


3. Tell Engaging Stories


Good content writers reel in leads and influence them to buy whatever is offered. Real estate agents must become good storytellers. The art of storytelling is what marketing companies seek in their content writers. All Business explains storytelling as: “It’s the best way to draw out emotions, influence decisions, and inspire actions”.

Every writer should turn boring anecdotes into exciting tales. You can accomplish this by:

  • Getting personal in your writings;
  • Emulating a conversation between two people; and
  • Helping readers to connect with your writing.


How to accomplish this? Try these writing techniques:


4. Learn How to Write in a Casual Tone


Follow these writing tips to create a casual tone:

  • Writing in a casual tone with some humor lets your readers relax for a better connection with your content. Likewise, it makes your content exciting and appealing to read;
  • Writing long-form content helps bring traffic, but it gets exhausting to read. Making it fun with some humor and relevant images breaks up the monotony; and
  • Using a casual conversational tone with a little humor keeps readers interested.


5. Know SEO Basics


Writers need to know SEO basic techniques. Using the right keywords still gets Google’s attention.

At the least, use these three basic SEO techniques in your blog posts:

  • Write strong headings to attract attention;
  • Write relevant meta descriptions so Google and viewers instantly know what your topic is; and
  • Use the correct image alt tags relevant to what the image is about.


6. Use Social Media Marketing


Forbes describes social media marketing as the art of understanding your audience and presenting your services that appeal to their interests.

Social media awareness helps you know what your target audience likes and how to create your content accordingly. Best of all, it allows you to engage your audience directly to promote your content.


Real Estate Professionals Must Showcase Personality in Blogs


Real estate writing coaches emphasize the need to showcase your personality. That’s because professionals marketing their services must bond with their audiences on a personal level.

You must connect with your audience emotionally to drive more engagement.  Here are ways to accomplish this:

  • Speak to your audience directly – Marketers call this “creating a voice for your brand”;
  • Use empathy, compassion, and humor – The power of emotions sells services because humans love to relate;
  • Create valuable, yet unique insights – They must come from you and not your competitors;
  • Become an expert – Solve your audience problems like finding the best neighborhood to fit their needs; and
  • Ask the right questions and give the best answers – Sprinkle your blog posts with relevant questions and answer them. Like, “Where is the safest neighborhood?”

Follow these suggestions so your audience considers you an expert to trust you.


The Benefits of Blog Comments


If you want to create trust, allow comments on your blog posts. Marketing experts praise the benefits of blog commenting. That’s because they:

  • Improve Visibility – Blog comments often appear in Google search rankings for specific real estate queries. Real estate blog posts ask and answer what many Google searchers ask. They increase traffic to your blog;
  • Establishes Credibility – When you answer all comments with helpful answers in a respectful manner it shows you “know your stuff” and are a good person;
  • Forms Relationships – Helpful replies often get Likes and Shares leading to friendly relationships;
  • Building Links – Your replies to comments can include links to your other blog posts or web pages; and
  • Increase Traffic – Blog commenting brings more traffic to your blog as Google highly ranks blog posts with many comments.


What about Comment Spams?


Many real estate agents are afraid of allowing blog comment spam. Rightfully so, but you can prevent spam. Since most blog commenting spam comes from automated spam bots, they are easy to recognize. They are short and always link to an outside site.

WordPress and other blog hosting platforms allow hosts to block all comments. Yet, that prevents real comments from appearing. A better solution is to monitor all comments or limit links in comments.


How to Monitor Blog Comments in WordPress


The WordPress dashboard lets you go to Settings – Discussion to make changes. Their Comment Moderation section lets you control the number of links permitted, including zero.

You can also create a “Blacklist” of recognizable spam keywords. Go to WordPress Settings – Discussion to the Comment Blacklist section. Enter a list of keywords you want to become trash. Be careful which keywords to blacklist so as not to delete legitimate comments.

Create a Comment Moderation system where all comments require your approval before appearing. In WordPress got to Settings – Discussion and the Before a comment section to select the manually approved comments feature.

Finally, Anti-Spam plugins are available for WordPress and other blog hosting platforms.


How Real Estate Agents Write Better Blogs – Conclusion


It’s not hard to become a good content writer. Follow these suggestions about how real estate agents write better blogs.

Your priority is to create engaging and interesting content. Therefore, do this by:

  • Knowing what your audience needs;
  • Using basic writing practices;
  • Telling engaging stories;
  • Writing in a casual tone;
  • Understanding basic SEO; and
  • Applying social media marketing.


Likewise, use the EPE method for success.


Firstly, encourage blog comments, but control spam.


Secondly, you must showcase your personality. Selling professional services becomes personal requiring connecting using emotions and familiarity. Similarly, developing trust as an expert.


Finally, educate your readers about your city, neighborhoods, tips on how to buy and sell homes. Research the latest real estate marketing trends by reading our blog posts.


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