How to Promote Your Real Estate Agent Brand on Social Media 2019


How to promote your real estate agent brand on social media 2019 begins with new tools.

Social media offers powerful communications channels to create a successful business. However, too much competition requires making your brand stand out.

It takes work, tools, and resources to provide you with social media marketing solutions.

Since your time is limited, managing all your social media campaigns effectively become a major challenge in 2019.


Tips on How to Promote Your Real Estate Agent Brand on Social Media in 2019


Look at the current social media marketing sites with updated tools in 2019. For instance:


1. HootSuite


HootSuite a social media management company with apps and tools to help you to schedule and post content on several social media channels at any time. Use any specifications and tags.

“Manage all your social media in one place” as the HootSuite motto explains their products. They assist you in finding prospects and servicing clients.

HootSuite’s free 30-day trial lets you test their software before buying.


2. Buffer


Buffer offers a very popular social media automatization tool. An efficient, yet simple tool loved by marketers worldwide.

This tool allows you to schedule all types of social media posts on different channels automatically. Enables you to track each post-performance with useful analytics features. Great for beginner marketer’s user experiences.    


3. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo lets you identify current trending content for all professions. Allows you to search using real estate keywords to view which “real estate” topics perform the best.

 Also, it allows you to identify popular real estate influencers by typing in relevant real estate keywords. When you plan to write new content or new topics to curate or share, BuzzSumo saves you time.


4. AssignmentGeek


AssignmentGeek provides proofreading services using live expert proofreaders. Look at it as a professional editor’s service. Make your content impeccable! 


5. Grammarly


Grammarly lets you scan your content before publishing to carefully check for grammar and spelling errors.

More concise than Word Spell Check and other built-in computer or phone apps. Quickly highlights all your spelling and grammar mistakes and offers you options to make corrections.

The Free app focuses on spelling and grammar while the premium version corrects sentence and paragraph structures and context.


6. HemingwayApp


HemingwayApp like having the famous author Ernest Hemingway make suggestions on simplifying your content.

Hemingway never wrote long sentences. He wrote in an extremely clear style making communication much easier.

Let the HemingwayApp tool analyze your content to improve readability. Quickly, copy-paste your content onto the app and in just seconds it provides you with powerful insights helping make your content easier to read.      


7. EssayWritingLab


EssayWritingLab provides you with excellent copywriters and content writers who rewrite your content like a professional author.

Outsource your content to a company which specializes in editing, developing, and publishing content. Write like a professional! 


8. AussieWritings


AussieWritings provides academic services with talented content editors.

Allows you to collaborate with a professional editor to improve your content. Make your social media posts clear and concise. Especially with so many channels limiting the number of characters or words to post.


9. Mention


Mention helps you track and monitor various keywords across different social media channels.

For instance, you can track your brand across social media sites to see how often, who, and what mentions occur about you. Let Mention provide real-time updates regarding your brand name, hashtags, and branded keywords whenever mentioned.

Allows you to quickly engage with people mentioning you.

In addition, you track any keyword for different purposes. For instance, you identify potential powerful keywords and phrases that your target audience uses. Then, you use them for your marketing campaigns.  


10. SocialFlow


SocialFlow automatically schedules your social media content across all channels. It allows you to post at the right times based on your target audience preferences and activities.

It’s up to you to upload your content and create preferences. Then the app uses real-time data for publishing specific posts at your audience’s most active times for each social media channel. 


11. SocialBakers


SocialBakers a suite of tools providing intelligent analytics tools of social media channels. Let’s you improve brand awareness, engagements, and conversion rates for all social media channels.

This app allows you to measure your brand’s performance against your competition. Also, gives you insight for improving your content and campaigns. In addition, it helps you manage and budget your paid campaigns simply and effectively.    




Take your social marketing to the next level.

Use the above-mentioned apps to work smart, be resourceful, and to outsource. Save your time to make more money by investing in these tools.


Improve Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing in 2019


You just learned how to use certain apps and tools to save you time.

Now it’s time to improve your real estate social media marketing.

As a real estate agent, you know the importance of using social media to build trust in your brand. Tweak your content strategy and optimize your future social media posts. Follow these tips:


Liven Up Your Social Media Posts


1. Use Free Stock Photos for Real Estate


Why waste money on buying professional photos when high-quality ones available for free?

While many websites provide free stock photos, save time by focusing on the ones providing real estate images like:


Stocksnap.io; and

Burst by Shopify.


2. Create Graphics for Real Estate Social Media


Using free high-quality stock photos improves your real estate visuals.

However, why not customize the stock photos to better resonate with your audience?

Take your stock photos and add shapes, text, icons, and more catering to your audience with a customized message.

Infographics allow you to create real estate related information to effectively engage with your audience. Check out these examples of real estate infographic examples.  

Venngage published a post explaining the benefits of using real estate infographics.

Snappa provides a fantastic tool for creating real estate social media marketing graphics. Snappa also includes infographic templates to get you started. 


How to Promote Your Real Estate Agent Brand on Social Media 2019 Conclusion


How to promote your real estate agent brand on social media 2019 should be a priority.

Social media influence on the real estate market continues to evolve. Real estate agents must become more interactive on social media and customized to engage with their targeted audience.

Saving precious time to conduct social media engagements, track engagements, and analyze them becomes essential for busy real estate agents.

This blog post provides resources, apps, and tools to save you time with your social media marketing.

Follow these tips to optimize your content, ads, and social media posts to get better performances with your social posts


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