How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Real Estate Brand


OK want to know how to use Facebook to promote your real estate brand?

Most of us know about the standard Facebook personal Profile. However, many do not know the difference between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page. The Profile is for users’ personal home page. The Facebook Page is a free business account user’s home page.

Facebook points out that many of its over 2 billion users access a Facebook Page to discover a local business. Facebook claims that a recent survey showed 66% of their users around the globe “say they visit the Page of a local business once a week”. Source

Consider a Facebook Page as a digital storefront.

Real estate agents create a Facebook Page to promote their brand.


How Facebook Page Reaches Mobile Shoppers


Facebook IQ conducts surveys and analyses data to help increase users’ online presence and brand promotion. Their IQ claims that “Mobile-First Connections Drive Local Business”. Source

In other words, mobile devices help users connect to neighborhood small businesses.

As mentioned above, 2/3 of surveyed smartphone users often discover local businesses on their devices.

On top of that, most mobile users “were 1.5 times more likely to write reviews and recommendations for local products and services”.

Real estate agents need to focus on mobile first shoppers and Facebook helps with that.


Facebook Posts for Real Estate Agents


The first rule about posting on Facebook: Don’t bore your audience.

Think about the millions (maybe billions worldwide) posts every day on Facebook. You want your posts to stick out and not bore your audience. Here’s some ideas:

  • Real estate tips related to selling and buying homes for novice individuals;
  • Showcase upcoming community events;
  • Hold contests or giveaways to build your brand awareness and increase engagements;
  • Tell real estate stories from your happy buyers and sellers;
  • Post testimonials about your real estate niche; and
  • Use professional (or high-quality) graphics and images of your new listings (use a tool like Snappa to create them).

Note: Don’t oversell your audience. Remember, most of them may not be in the market to buy or sell a home. Think of social media as a long-term slow-cooked recipe for future business. Over time, your loyal followers will either sell or buy a home when they’re ready.

Snappa even provides a detailed post about great Facebook post ideas for all types of businesses.


The Best Real Estate Agents Ads for Facebook


Besides creating free posts on Facebook, consider paid advertising.

Facebook reaches over 2 billion users worldwide. Their paid advertising done correctly provides a cost-effective way to get leads.

Take advantage of Facebook’s IQ data available to you. Their free reports and analysis provide you with marketing pointers to promote your brand.

As a real estate agent, you target your ads to an audience in specific areas. For example, target household income to sell luxury homes. Or, focus on specific interests like relationship status or spending habits to offer the ideal home or location.

Scroll the many Facebook Page ads options for specific interests and demographics of your target audience. Your real estate niche whether specific neighborhoods, luxury homes or condo units, etc. focuses on the type of Facebook ad options to best promote your brand to a specific audience.


How to Create Facebook Real Estate Ad Campaigns that Attract Attention


The Facebook market creates challenges to compete in. That’s because many other real estate agents use Facebook too. But, don’t let that discourage you.

Read the following tips to learn how to create attention-grabbing ads on Facebook.


First, you need to know the difference between an Ad Set and an Ad Campaign.


Campaigns: Contain ads and ad sets. You select a business goal you wish to achieve when you create your ad campaign. This goal becomes your marketing objective. This also applies to your ad and ad sets. For instance, your business goal to increase brand awareness.

Ad Sets: Contains your ad and where you select delivery options. When configuring your ad you select your target audience, time schedule, budget, and placement of where your ad appears on Facebook.

Ads: The meat of your ad includes content, videos, photos, and other aesthetic features.

Editing: All these components link to each other. So, if you edit ad sets it applies to all ads under it. Likewise, changing an ad campaign affects the ads and ad sets.


Creating Facebook Ad Campaigns for Real Estate Brands


Set up your Facebook ad campaign by opening “Ads Manager” and choose “Create Campaign”.

Then, choose your objective from these options:

Note: Be careful when choosing your ad’s objective because it defines your ads and ad sets. Facebook gives you three options: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.




The awareness objective tries to draw attention to your brand. It attempts to increase the number of users interested in it. A great way to introduce yourself.

Brand awareness: This displays your ad to users expected to show interest in your real estate business.

Reach: Displays your ad to the greatest number of users. This includes local awareness targets (those residing closest to you).




This objective gets users to engage with your brand. Not users ready to do business with you, only to engage with you. The start of a persuasion process raising awareness before doing business with you.

Engagement: This objective increases engagements with your posts, page, or encourages actions by users such as clicking on “Like”.

Traffic: Select this to drive users towards your sites, blogs, Facebook Page, or a messenger app.

App installs: To encourage users to download your apps whether mobile or desktop.

Lead generation: This encourages users to share their contact data easily and quickly. Uses a mobile friendly forum to build your client database.

Video views: Allows you to target users’ most likely view your videos.

Messages: It encourages interactions with you in Messenger to conduct business and offering support and answering questions.




The conversion encourages actions like hiring you as their agent or buying a property. Basically, converts users to complete the doing business with you stage.

Install a Facebook Pixel to record data on the conversions. Use them for ad optimization or creating new target audiences for future ad campaigns.

Product Catalog Sales: These only apply to e-commerce companies. However, posting your listings qualifies you. Allowing them to upload images of every item they sell. Facebook uses the data it collects and collates to display specific items to certain users based on their past engagements.

Store visits: Encourages users to visit your office. Great for local users or out of towners looking to buy a home near your location.


Ad Sets Strategies for Your Facebook Real Estate Campaigns


As mentioned above, Ad Sets lets you choose audiences, placements, budgeting, and scheduling. Let’s explore these options.


Placements and Platforms


Remember, your original objective determines placements and other features. Here’s the most popular Facebook placements:

Facebook In-Stream: Like a TV commercial ad, In-Stream ads appear in a Facebook video at the midway point. The normal time ranges from 5 to 15 seconds.

Facebook Feed: These appear in your Facebook newsfeed allowing you to engage with businesses, family, and friends. It appears as a full screen when clicked on.   

Suggested Videos: You reach audiences with this placement through a reel of suggested videos depending upon users’ individual interests and preferences.

Live Videos: Very popular for placements allowing you to expand your reach for your ads to increase engagements more than other types of ads.

Right Column on Desktop: Placement of your ads on the right side pane of PC desktops.




You choose from three different types of audiences to target your ads. Such as, finding new clients or re-marketing to an audience you already interacted with before.

Core Audiences: New potential clients for your business. Manually set your parameters within your ads creating a core audience. Options to target include location, gender, interests, age, behaviors, and language.

Lookalike Audiences: Requires you to look at certain characteristics of previously engaged prospects to find users similar to them to target.

Custom Audiences: Lets you target users you already maintained some engagements for your business. Let’s you find users based on your data capture measures or prior visits to your Facebook Page to form a specific client database.


Budgeting and Scheduling


Finally, you set a daily or lifetime budget for your ad set. Then, set the start and end dates for your ad set.

Once you set your budget, Facebook provides an estimate of your reach (how many users to expect to reach with your ad.

More detailed information provided by Facebook by clicking Here.


How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Real Estate Brand Conclusion


How to use Facebook to promote your real estate brand involves creating a business Facebook Page.

Then write free posts providing valuable information to your target users to eventually turn them into clients.

In addition, set up ads to promote your real estate brand (and listings) on Facebook.

The steps to create Facebook ads begin with choosing your objectives. Then, choose your ad sets for your ad campaigns. Focus your ads to specific audiences to get a bigger bang for your buck with Facebook.

Of course, budgeting and scheduling determine how many ads you produce and where they go.

Successful Facebook ad campaigns lead to more commissions!

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