What to learn some new open house tips for agents? Read about the newest online technology to enhance open house lead generation for 2021 and 2022.

Traditional Open House Tips

Back in 2016, I wrote an article for the Real Estate Express Blog titled, “Tips for Effective Open House Advertising”. Five and a half years later, it’s still highly ranked with Google SERPs for several keywords and a Google Featured Snippet. I focused on these tips:

  • Web Page – Creating a separate web page for each listing with lots of quality photos and promoting the site’s URL online, social media, and flyers;
  • Online Open House Advertising – Advertise your open houses on all the real estate portals, Craigslist, real estate blogs, and forums;
  • Lots of Signs – Put up at least 20 Open House signs on the same street and nearby ones;
  • Balloons, Drones, and Sky Puppets – Colorful balloons with Open House signs always attract attention. So do air-filled sky puppets in front of the house. Rent a drone to fly over the house with an Open House sign;
  • Neighbors – The best referrals for buyers are neighbors encouraging family and friends to move in close by. Host a “Neighbors Only Special Event” providing finger foods and refreshments so they can mingle and socialize while previewing the home;
  • Social Media Advertising – Maintain two Facebook accounts (personal and business) where you advertise all your open houses on your real estate agent’s FB page. Tweet everyone you know about open houses events. Use Instagram and Pinterest to upload quality photos of the home while announcing an open house event;
  • Open House for Brokers – Host other agents on a special open house for brokers. Invite agents who recently sold nearby houses and all agents from nearby brokerages; and
  • Online and Print Newspaper Ads – The old-fashioned way to advertise listings and open house events in community newspapers.

As you see, some of the tips made in 2016 still exist today.

New Open House Tips For Agents

Now, let’s explore some of the new open house tips for agents in 2021 and into 2022.

The Close provides innovative open house tips for Realtors based on new technology that generates leads. Let’s look at the best ones.

Use Your Open House Promotions to Build Your Brand

Building your real estate agent personal brand involves everything you put out online. A lasting brand requires taking your marketing efforts seriously including open houses.

One solution is to use the Lab Coats Agents Marketing Center (LCA) “design app” to create open house brochures, door hangers, flyers, signs, and social media posts. Promote your open houses like an ace. It’s like an advanced Canva.

Also, we published an informative blog post with valuable tips titled: “How to Promote Your Real Estate Agent Brand on Social Media”.

Run a Facebook Live Stream of Your Open House

We published a useful blog post filled with tips titled: ”How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Real Estate Brand”.

Stream and record a video walk-through of your listing when it’s full of people. This will stir up interest in your listing because “people want what other people want”.

The benefits of live streaming your open house include:

  • Onsite Testimonies from visitors remarking about how good the home is;
  • Asking Relevant Questions to visitors in real-time;
  • People mingling and enjoying the home makes it more inviting;
  • Showcasing the home video after the open house through social media channels; and
  • Promoting the video on your Facebook page (and other social media channels) can generate more traffic.

Stage the Home Virtually with Different Décor and Email it to Your Open House Visitors

After your open house event where your should have collected email and texting addresses contact your visitors and offer to change the décor and color of any room for them to view. Visitors may want to see the home’s extra room like a nursery, office, or kids’ playroom.

Fiverr: Don’t worry about the high cost of creating staged rooms. Fiverr offers virtual staging for $5 within 24 hours with their Interior Design features. Fiverr’s image enhancements make your images look brilliant online.

Instagram: Likewise, use Instagram Stories to Promote Your Facebook Open House Video Walk-Through. If you are not active on Instagram you should join now. A while back, we published a blog post titled: How to Use Instagram Stories for Real Estate Agents”. It offers great tips for using Instagram Stories.

We also published a post explaining, How Instagram Promotes Real Estate Agents”.

Use Instagram Stories to promote your Facebook Live Stream video. Here’s a script to use:

“I’m showing a wonderful home live stream on (Day/hours) on Facebook Live. Use the link in my description to view it”.

Get Neighbors to Attend Your Neighbors Only Preview

Tom Ferry, the famous real estate coach, provides a simple script to use when door-knocking neighbors to invite them for a neighbors-only preview. He believes that a face-to-face meeting to get referrals is worth 200 emails.

View this 19-minute video of Tom Ferry explaining his simple script along with some other great tips:

Drive Maximum Traffic to Your Open House – Tom Ferry


Use Hyperlocal Social Networks to Promote Your Open House

While promoting your open house on Facebook and Instagram helps, you are only reaching people who may live far away with no intention of moving.

Nextdoor targets people who live near your listing. Better yet, people discuss local issues on Nextdoor. The Nextdoor platform boasts one of the most online engaged local audiences. Advertising in Nextdoor is affordable with no long-term contracts. Check it out before other agents in your farm area discover it.


The Follow-Up is Where the Money is

Pipedrive: Always do your follow-up the day after the event while it remains fresh in your visitors’ minds. Call or text everyone you had rapport with. Create an open house email drip on your CRM. Pipedrive makes follow-ups and leads nurturing easier after your open house.

Random people showing up for your open house and buying the home is slim. Lead generation tips emphasize following up. Your greatest challenge is figuring out who to follow up with and how often. Guessing won’t work and following up with every visitor takes lots of time.

SmartZip provides a predictive analysis app that uses a billion data points with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to let you know who is more likely to relocate before they even think about using an agent. According to The Close, the SmartZip AI predicted over 70% of all new listings in the U.S. in 2020.

Need some open house follow-up scripts? The Close offers some good open house follow-up email templates. Use them to reach out to visitors after your open house for lead generation.

Focus on a Few Features Making Your Listing Stick Out from the Comps

Most buyers will view the local MLS listings. A problem with many MLS listings is the limitation of features. Basic features like lot size, home square feet, and the number of bedrooms/bathrooms are helpful but not enough.

Big Block Realtors use a unique program called the RealScout which goes further with MLS listings by identifying unique features that buyers want.

When you visit one of our Realtors you will see how the RealScout works by listing your desires and needs in your next home. Then, the RealScout quickly scours all the MLS listings to identify the ones with those features. This saves you time by identifying your ideal home fast.

New Open House Tips For Agents – Conclusion

You just read about the latest online hi-tech trends offering new open house tips for agents for 2021 and 2022. These include:

Lab Coats Agents Marketing Center to create open house promotional materials;

Running a Facebook live stream of your open house;

Fiverr to create low-cost virtual staged rooms;

Instagram Stories to promote your Facebook open house video walk-through;

Tom Ferry video explaining ultimate open house strategies;

Nextdoor to connect with online engaged local audiences;

Pipedrive for easier post-open house follow-ups and lead nurturing;

SmartZip to find out who is more likely to relocate to your city; and

RealScout to search MLS listings to find the homes offering features your buyers want.

How to Take Advantage of RealScout Programs for Your Sellers and Buyers

If you live in San Diego County or are thinking of relocating to our beautiful warm beaches community, only a few real estate brokerages are authorized to use the RealScout programs. Big Block Realty is one of them.

Join us to use RealScout and enjoy the benefits of a 100% commission brokerage with no hidden fees within our three 100% Commission Plans. We also offer these Free benefits:


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