As a real estate agent, you may have heard about RealScout. This post looks at real estate brokerages and agents’ RealScout reviews in 2021.

A prior post explained the many features and programs RealScout offers titled, How RealScout Makes Our San Diego Real Estate Agents Better In 2021.

The true test of the benefits and value that a real estate search platform provides to agents found in peer and industry reviews. Who better can judge whether a real estate tool is good or bad?


What RealScout Claims to Offer Real Estate Agents in 2021?


RealScout, a San Francisco-based real estate technology company that provides hi-tech nationwide home searches. They claim their search platform gives a unique experience to agents, brokers, home sellers, and buyers with “revolutionary buyer data-driven listing tools”.

It allows real estate agents to interact with their clients when viewing home listings. Using a more sophisticated local MLS search focusing on local buyers’ preferences for a new home.

Their search parameters go beyond traditional MLS features. They get large brokerages to provide their anonymous local home buyers’ data revealing their likes and dislikes. Basically, their unique local buyers’ data show their needs and wants in a new home.

Their search platform also uses local buyer’s searches to add new preference data. No other home search platform offers such insights into home buyers’ preferences.

Their buyers’ data allows listing agents to better advise their clients on pricing and market strategies. Sales agents bond with their buyers as they search together to find the dream home.

As a result, home listings sell faster and home buyers find it easier and faster to locate their ideal home. A win-win for the sellers and buyers! Likewise, a win-win for the listing and selling agents.


Does RealScout Deliver on these Claims?


The consumer world has become skeptical about such claims. Many review sites love to put these claims to the test to discover if real or not.

Real estate brokerages and their agents get contacted about their experiences with RealScout. Do they support or reject RealScout’s claims?


 RealScout Reviews 2021


Let’s see what brokerages and their agents say about RealScout, Similarly, let’s look at real estate industry review sites to see their opinions too.


Real Estate Agents Using RealScout Reviews in 2021


California Agents 

Billy Colestock from SoCal Lifestyle Realty in San Diego emphatically states:

“I love that RealScout allows us to pull the consumer away from sites like Zillow, Trulia, or Redfin, brands our company and provides real-time home searches to the client.  In our industry, the client has so many tools at their disposal, with RealScout it really feels like we are on the same team working toward a common goal – the client-finding their next home.”

Bright Homes Real Estate in Palo Alto, California wrote: “I could not agree more! #RealScout is my choice for my buyers and sellers. Thank you, Andrew Flachner (co-founder of RealScout), for creating this great resource.”

Evan Huynh Real Estate Team in San Jose, California wrote: “I think the potential of RealScout is huge for real estate agents in terms of staying in touch with your clients. It’s a great incubation system for both buyers and sellers.”

Ken DeLeon owner of Deleon Realty in Palo Alto, California wrote: “I utilized RealScout with all my buyers’ agents and it was transformative. Our production jumped over 50% with a nearly $300 million increase for my team YoY. We now have both better client satisfaction along with more closings.”

The Boutique Real Estate Group in Brea, California wrote: “RealScout offers uniquely targeted, data-driven insights and other tools that help our agents and clients work together in identifying the best homes based on lifestyle and feature preferences.”


Agents and Brokers from the Other States

Angie Jones from Austin, Texas wrote: “What a great tool to assist buyers in the selection process which in turn is a big help to us.”

Brad Whitehouse with RE/MAX in Colorado wrote: “I was in a recruiting meeting with a new agent and she said, ‘What are you going to do for me that other brokerages aren’t?’ … I think that was the deal sealer – she’ll be joining soon!”

Miguel Correa of Florida Capital Realty stated: “If our agents follow the dashboard to see who is active, it helps them pinpoint where they should be spending their time. If somebody is very active, they’ll have a better chance of closing a deal.”

Chuck Flynn with Howard Hanna Brokerage in New York wrote that RealScout “Provides a better way for buyers to search, communicate, and succeed with their agent!”.

Noah Freedman principal broker with Bond Real State in New York wrote:
“Brokerages in NYC have spent far too long working in silos. There are better reasons to collaborate. RealScout can be a tool to facilitate that necessary transition.”

The Keyes Company with 50 real estate offices in Florida wrote: “If our agents follow the dashboard to see who is active, it can really help them pinpoint where they should be spending their time. If somebody is very active, they’ll have a better chance of closing a deal.”

Yolanda Carrington with Coldwell Banker in Gundaker, Florida wrote: “Love, Love, Love RealScout”.


RealScout Reviews from Real Estate Industry Companies in 2021


UpNest RealScout Reviews in 2021


UpNest uses its marketing data to connect real estate agents with clients.

Surprisingly, UpNest’s review of RealScout reveals a 4.8 rating out of 5.0 from 755 reviewers. UpNest reported that RealScout agent users raved about the “sophisticated ways to manage their clients”. Likewise, it showed them where to focus their efforts.


UpNest points out one main negative. Buyers need to integrate RealScout with the local MLS to access its features. It takes an agent as a member of RealScout to provide an invitation to every client to access.

While this appears to be a “con” for sellers and buyers, it protects the agents from their clients getting poached by another agent.

A few negative reviews mentioned difficulty finding clients and some app compatibility problems. However, RealScout never claimed that their platform helps agents find clients.

The Results

UpNest concluded that RealScout offers unique MLS integration so buyers see real-time accurate listings. No need for a “clunky MLS site or using Trulia or Zillow”.


List With Clever Realty Review of RealScout in 2021


List With Clever Realty is a realty brokerage franchise. They recently reviewed real estate technologies including RealScout.

They listed several benefits they liked about RealScout including:

  • Keeping agents’ clients from exposure to competing agents’ ads like competing ads found in Realtor.com, Trulia, and Zillow;
  • Provides agents with branded searches by only allowing buyers invited by the agent to create an exclusive relationship;
  • Ability to receive updates about clients’ searches and new preferences; and
  • Buyers must use the RealScout app to browse homes that obtained exclusive access through the agent.


One negative thing mentioned is that some older buyers may not like using a small phone screen to search listed homes. That’s because buyers must use the app instead of a PC or a laptop with larger screens.

In addition, RealScout does not help agents get leads. It’s only a tool to work with existing clients.


Inman Review of RealScout in 2021


Inman provides real estate news and analysis.

One of the Inman reviews of RealScout in 2021 focused on San Diego’s recent launching of its RealScout platform:

  • They raved about the listing “pricing and market strategy” listing agents use based on the Buyer Graph data about local buyers’ preferences;
  • Now, listing agents advise their sellers based on “real-time insights” of what local buyers want. This insight helps sellers with fair pricing for faster sales;
  • Inman also praised RealScout’s “advanced market analysis” based on local buyers’ preferences;
  • Sales agents benefit from explaining how other buyers looking in the same price range can compete against the agent’s buyer for similar homes; and
  • Buyers enjoy the new listing search alerts of homes matching the specific buyer’s preferences.

Another Inman review of RealScout focused on the ability for buyers to compare listed homes online room-by-room with up to three homes on the same screen. Agents can now collaborate with buyers to view comparable rooms side-by-side.

Finally, Inman points out the ability for agents to track their buyers’ search history to recommend specific listings.


Tech Companies Reviews of RealScout in 2021


SourceForge RealScout Review in 2021


SourceForge offers Open-Source software resources and tools to millions of registered users. Over 30 million users access their directory of open-source projects.

Their RealScout review found a full-browser search platform keeping clients inside a safe haven to collaborate with selling agents. No ads distract users. Machine learning technology allows unique home comparisons automatically displayed room-by-room and side-by-side on the same screen. Their apps integrate well with all types of devices including Android and iOS.


Fits Small Business Review of RealScout in 2021


Fits Small Business’s mission is to provide the best answers to user’s business questions. That’s why small business owners make up the majority of their users.

Their review ranked RealScout as #2 among 41 of the best real estate software tools for top-producing real estate agents in 2021. They call RealScout a “nurturing” tool that matches criteria preferred by local buyers to local MLS listings.

RealScout’s platform sorts homes by over 400 criteria such as high ceilings, waterfront location, and the number of bedrooms. When new listings appear the buyer’s criteria get matched up. Customized (by the agent) emails and app messages get sent to the buyer.


Google Play RealScout Review in 2021


Google Play provides a digital distribution service of Android apps, books, games, movies, etc.

The Google Play review found RealScout “allows serious homebuyers to collaborate with their real estate agent using real-time MLS listing data”.


IOVOX RealScout Review in 2021


IOVOX offers communication analytics services. They claim to only offer “truthful and actionable information to all businesses”.

Their RealScout review focused on customer trust in the real estate business. Gaining trust becomes easier by collaborating with buyers with home listings searches. RealScout lets agents go virtual house hunting with buyers.

Machine learning technology allows RealScout to understand what buyers want.


Featured Customers RealScout Review in 2021


Featured Customers is a B2B software and services reference company. Their review of RealScout resulted in a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 from 809 reviews.

They concluded that RealScout takes the best available technology to create positive experiences for agents, brokers, buyers, and sellers to accomplish their financial and real estate goals.


Cloud Small Business Reviews RealScout in 2021


Cloud Small Business provides business software reviews, resources, insights, and services.

Their Top 6 Real Estate Software for Small Brokerages included RealScout.  While pointing out that real estate agents spend too much time chasing leads, RealScout helps.

What they liked best is that RealScout allows for an MLS scan of up to 100 buyers’ criteria including waterfront views to high ceilings. Likewise, they liked the automatic scan of these criteria for new MLS listings. When the system finds a match, it generates an email or an app message to the buyer that the agent customizes.


Hacking Real Estate Marketing Review of RealScout in 2021


Hacking Real Estate Marketing company helps real estate agents with every marketing needs. Their review of RealScout showed favorably with a few bad reviews too.

The good reviews from real estate agents focused on “sharing critical market data” to help sellers list at the best prices. Similarly, buyers find ideal homes easier. A “top-tier home search experience”. Lastly, “a better way for buyers to search and communicate with their agents”.

Negative reviews included a need for a better help page, and some technical bugs needing fixes.


 RealScout Reviews from their Employees in 2021


Finally, we look at how RealScout employees feel about their bosses, management, and company culture.

You wouldn’t want to do business with a company whose employees describe a toxic environment?


Glassdoor Employee Reviews of RealScout in 2021


Glassdoor is one largest full-time jobs search platforms in the U.S.

They provide reviews from employees working at hundreds of thousands of companies in the U.S. Employees rate management and work conditions.

They obtained 43 RealScout employee reviews with an average rating of 4.5 (out of 5) as of April 5, 2021. That’s pretty good.




Our RealScout reviews 2021 show many positive and a few negative reviews from agents and industry service providers.

Their home search platform revolutionizes MLS searches by adding buyers’ criteria.

We showed 12 agents and brokers reviews who claim that RealScout:

  • Saves time;
  • Provides better home searches;
  • Helps with agents and brokerages branding;
  • Let’s selling agents work closely with their buyers;
  • Helps agents to win new listings;
  • Helps sellers to offer better listing prices;
  • Improves listing agents marketing strategies;
  • Provides a great tool to assist buyers in the selection process;
  • Increases communications between agents and buyers;
  • It’s a great incubation system for both buyers and sellers;
  • Allows better client satisfaction with more closings;
  • Helps agents to pull consumers away from sites like Zillow, Trulia, or Redfin;
  • Provides the best answers when potential clients ask about what the agent can do that other brokerage can’t; and
  • Helps agents and clients to work together to find the best homes based on lifestyle and feature preferences.

The 10 real estate industry and tech companies’ reviews focused on the technical benefits.

Glassdoor got reviews from 43 RealScout employees resulting in a good 4.5 rating out of 5.0.


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