Many Realtors may not know how to use Pinterest for marketing their Realtor business. Learn the benefits of Pinterest for your Realtor business. Such as the Free Pinterest Business Account offering free analytics.

According to Statista, 454 million active users visited Pinterest worldwide monthly as of the second quarter in 2021. The Close states that “includes over 125 million in the U.S.”

Link Assistant claims, “Google Images loves Pinterest.”

Real estate marketing companies claim that “Pinterest offers many benefits to real estate professionals”.

Inman claims: “You can use Pinterest as one of the ways of increasing real estate sales through social media”.

How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Your Realtor Business

With so many users, Google’s popularity, and benefits for Realtors, let’s explore these.

Important Statistics about Pinterest

Besides its many users, Pinterest statistics reveal:

  • 93% of Pinterest users say they plan to purchase something using its channel;
  • 87% purchase something by using Pinterest;
  • 68% of Pinterest users are millennials;
  • 14.2 minutes is the average time a Pinterest user spends per visit; and
  • Every Pin results in an average of six visits to the Pin’s website.

How Pinterest Benefits Realtors

Here are four benefits that Realtors and real estate agents report about using Pinterest.

1. Pinterest Improves Online Visibility

Nowadays, consumers rely on the internet to investigate Realtors before deciding to work with one. That Google Images features Pinterest pictures often puts Realtor’s pins on its first-page search results (SERPs) for greater exposure.

Pinterest assists with increasing online visibility which helps Realtors.

2. Pinterest Drives Traffic to Realtor’s Websites

The potential for increasing traffic to a Realtor’s blog and website using Pinterest is vast.

According to SEO expert Moz, social signals impact Google’s SERPs. More online traffic to your website, the greater likelihood your quality content gets shared with others. More shares result in a better chance of increased SERPs rankings. These are called “social signals” by SEO experts.

3. Pinterest Proves You are a Local Expert

Pinterest offers Realtors an opportunity to spotlight their local communities. This makes it easier for you to become the local expert in your community.

Kyle Hiscock, a Realtor in Rochester, New York claims: “Pinterest has allowed me to show off not only the City of Rochester but also the surrounding communities that I do business in.”

He goes on to explain that Pinterest lets him showcase Rochester and its surrounding communities that he does business in. His “Pins” of high-quality photos highlights landmarks, local establishments, and other points of interest. It made him a local expert.

4. Evergreen Pins

Pinterest Pins are evergreen. This means that they remain relevant forever. Thus, the sharing never ends.

Kyle Hiscock believes that his Pinterest Pins outperform other social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. That’s because a Tweet only offers a small time for sharing until it becomes buried in viewers’ feeds.

Kyle published an article in 2015 about what buyers should expect from a Realtor was pinned over 1,000 times and continues reaping pins six years later. That’s an evergreen, Pinterest Pin.

Tips on Using Pinterest for Realtors

Now that you learned the four benefits of using Pinterest for marketing your Realtor business, here are some tips.

Create Local Real Estate Boards

Pinterest provides boards to pin your images. Each board offers an opportunity to become a local expert.

Each local board can focus on different features of your community. For instance, Kyle’s main board called “Greater Rochester NY” includes high-quality images of local dog parks, graphic images of local real estate market trends, landmarks, and relocation information.

Kyle also posts pins on 14 local boards for surrounding neighborhoods, villages, and towns. Each one is filled with Pins showcasing features with quality images.

The Close provides examples of several Realtors’ Pinterest Real Estate Boards with thousands of followers.

Create Striking Graphics

What are graphics? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines graphics as an illustration such as a map or picture. Also, “a pictorial image displayed on a computer screen”.

Examples of graphics include:

  • Charts;
  • Designs;
  • Diagrams;
  • Flowcharts;
  • Maps; and
  • Photos.

Successful Pinterest Realtors take advantage of the visuals to post memorable graphics as Pins. They know that Pins require “striking” graphics to stand out from other Pins. Poorly designed or low-quality graphics results in quick exits from Pinterest viewers.

Treat Pinterest like an art gallery so your images stand out for success. Each topic must contain two or three memorable graphics.

Websites offer free graphics creation software like Canva. You can create graphics of many sizes and shapes along with buying photos for only $1 to use with your graphics. Use at least three graphics in your online articles and blog posts. Sizing them at 800px x 1200px performs well on Pinterest.

Don’t use Copyrighted images online without permission. Google regularly tosses web pages accused of plagiarism or copyright violations leaving a dreaded 404 Error message in its place. Read my article about “How to Avoid Copyright and Plagiarism”.

Also, read my article about where to get Free non-copyrighted or Free license for use images titled: “How to Find Images for Free Use”.

Like All Social Media Channels, Use Pinterest to Engage

Social media is all about engaging with others. Build relationships with potential clients and other agents.

Placester, a business platform for real estate professionals, describes Pinterest as the: “Perfect tool for real estate marketing”.

Massachusetts Real Estate News claims that Pinterest is “great for real estate social media exposure”.

These real estate industry publications recommend getting involved with Pinterest real estate group boards.

Join Real Estate Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest offers excellent real estate groups, boards. Take advantage of the massive exposure these boards offer. Here’s a list of Pinterest real estate boards with links:

Social Media for Real Estate Agents

We published several useful blog posts about how real estate agents use social media for lead generation. Here are links to them:

How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Your Realtor Business – Conclusion

Now that you learned how to use Pinterest for marketing your Realtor business, remember the benefits:

  1. Pinterest increases online views;
  2. Let Pinterest drive traffic to your website;
  3. Pinterest verifies you as a local expert; and
  4. Pinterest Pins are evergreen.

Here is a Tip:

Pinterest offers a Free Business Account which includes free features like analytics. If you already have a personal Pinterest account, you can switch to their business version or create a separate business account. How do you do this?

Business News Daily published an article in 2021 titled: “Pinterest for Business” that provides useful information. Likewise, the Tailwind Blog published an article in 2020 explaining how to “Create a Pinterest Business Account” filled with valuable tips.

Once you create a Pinterest business account follow these steps to promote your Realtor business:

  • Create local real estate boards;
  • Create noticeable graphics; and
  • Use Pinterest to engage.

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