Want to learn how to be a real estate agent expert blogger? We’ll show you.

This post continues prior posts explaining how real estate agents can become better bloggers. For instance, a previous post here offered the: “Best Real Estate Blogging Tips by Google”.

In that post, one of Google’s recommendations was to become a “Subject Expert”. Google looks for experts for every subject matter that users write search queries (questions). In Google’s opinion, the best answers are written by experts.

Raise your Google search rankings by answering queries as an expert. Your blog is the easiest way to impress Google (and potential clients) as a real estate expert.

In addition, Google also recommended blog posts that are:

  • Helpful: Providing the best answers to help Google searches;
  • High-Quality Content: Better writing for useful content;
  • Long Blog Posts: SEO experts suggest at least 1,200 words;
  • Consistency: Posting at least once per week; and
  • Evergreen: Posts continuously relevant and stay “fresh” over time.


Google Loves Subject Expert Blog Posts


Back in 1998, Google started its search engine business around three principles called “E-A-T” meaning:

  • Expert: Google seeks subject matter experts to answer search queries;
  • Authority: Known experts; and
  • Trustworthy: Searchers trust expert authority.

How to Be a Real Estate Agent Expert Blogger?


The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines an expert as “one with the special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a particular subject”.

Put simply, it requires subject matter expertise. Basically, you must become an expert in what you write about in your blog. How do you do that?

Real estate agents are similar to doctors and lawyers who specialize.

Doctors choose to remain “general practitioners” handling all types of illness and injuries. Or, branch out into a specific specialty like:

  • Orthopedics specializing in bones and muscles;
  • Oncology specializing in cancer; or
  • Dermatology, a skin specialist.

Lawyers also choose between a “general practice” handling all types of legal issues and lawsuits. Or, attorneys can branch out and specialize in legal issues like:

  • Criminal defense;
  • Marital divorce; or
  • Personal injury litigation.

General real estate agents can specialize in:

  • An entire town or city;
  • Specific neighborhoods; or
  • The whole state.

Become a Local Real Estate Expert


Want to become a “local expert? Look at these tips from a blog post I wrote for Transaction Monster, a San Diego real estate transaction coordinator company. My post suggested:

  • Know Your Local Community: Learn their interests and frustrations. Understand your market area;
  • Promote Local Businesses: Use your blog to feature community businesses with photos and introducing the owners to your readers; and
  • Become a Local Expert: Write informative press releases for your local newspapers and bulletins. Speak at local community groups. Sponsor local events. Your high visibility makes you stand out in your local community.

Why Real Estate Niches Creates Experts


Besides focusing on your state, city, or one neighborhood; other options exist. A real estate agent niche comes into play.

A “niche” is defined by dictionaries as: “a specialized segment of the market for a particular product or service.”

Balance Small Business claims that real estate agents benefit from specializing in a niche market rather than competing with general agents. While some agents focus on specific neighborhoods, most niches involve either “a particular type of property or a category of consumer”.

The Balance suggests these types of niches:

  • For Sale By Owner (FSBO);
  • Hispanics as a growing home buyer group;
  • Resort and vacation homes;
  • Seniors are a huge market;
  • Singles are buying more homes nowadays;
  • Luxury homes, but requires special skills and money;
  • Condominium buyers and sellers;
  • First-time buyers; and
  • Distressed properties.

Wikipedia recommends these niches:

  • Farm properties;
  • Golf properties near golf courses; and
  • Garden real estate featuring significant garden designs.


We published several posts about real estate niches. They explain how to earn commissions in each niche and how to market your services. Here is a list with links to our niche posts:

Once You Choose Your Niche Become An Expert


No matter what niche you choose become an expert and use your blog to educate and showcase your expertise.


How to Be a Better Real Estate Agent Niche Blogger


Another of our blog posts here explained: “How Real Estate Agents Write Better Blogs”. That post concluded with:

It’s not difficult to become a good content writer. Just create engaging and interesting content. You can accomplish this by:

  • Know what your target audience needs;
  • Use basic writing styles;
  • Tell engaging stories;
  • Write in a casual tone;
  • Understand SEO; and
  • Apply social media marketing practices.

In addition, try the “EPE” method to succeed as a writer:

  • Engaging – Encouraging blog comments while using tools to control spam;
  • Personalizing – Show your true personality so readers connect with you; and
  • Educating – Teach your readers about your niche. Give them helpful tips. Also. keep up with real estate marketing trends by reading our blog posts.

How to Personalize Your Real Estate Blog


Every professional must sell him or herself not only as an expert but as a person too. Professional services are personal.

The most important thing you must do is to share a little bit of yourself to personalize your blog. Mention aspects of your experiences and personal life.

An anecdotal post attracts new types of readers while giving your constant readers a peek of a new side of you. Copyblogger’s Brian Clark defines “anecdotes” as “quick stories making readers laugh or establishing the main focus of your post”.

Be a Better BLOGGER recommends using anecdotes to add a human element to your post. Invoke empathy or sympathy so your reader makes a personal connection with the story and you.

An example includes a blog post by WeLease, a San Diego property management company, about the “Tenant From Hell – Left Dead Cats, Feces, Obscene Graffiti”.

A true story about an angry tenant taking revenge on her landlord with before and after photos. The headline left out the unplugged freezer full of rotting meat and urine-soaked rugs. Yuck! This post invoked sympathy from thousands of readers.

While this example is extreme many real estate agents personalize their blogs by simply giving personal examples of funny anecdotes.

Every real estate agent has a story of awkward situations. Using one in occasional posts to make a point personalizes your post. Back in 2016, I published two articles based on true stories by Realtors which may give you ideas of similar situations you experienced:

How to Market Yourself as an Expert Real Estate Agent Blogger


According to the Balance, a successful real estate blog depends on:

  • A bare minimum of one blog post per week (continuity);
  • Position yourself as the local real estate expert (expertise);
  • Answer questions posed by your clients or prospects about real estate or your market area (engagements);
  • Join neighborhood associations and promote their announcements, events, and meetings (promote your community); and
  • Create an email newsletter (e-newsletter) to communicate with your sphere of influence and to promote your blog and posts (email marketing).


Contactually by Compass recommends:

  • Building relationships with other real estate industry (RE) bloggers;
  • Reciprocate by posting links to other RE bloggers on your social media channels;
  • When they reciprocate back by linking to your blog it creates a “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” relationship;
  • Recognition from other real estate bloggers who link to your blog counts heavily with Google as “relevant” backlinks; and
  • Start a monthly real estate round-up where you share content from other RE bloggers who share your work with their followers.

To sum it up, having real estate people mention you and link to your blog gets Google’s attention. This leads to higher Google SERPs for your blog.


Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agent Expert Blogs


Every blog needs social media marketing to attract viewers. After you publish a blog post you must promote it on social media channels.

Read our posts here about social media marketing tips for real estate agents like:


How To Be A Real Estate Agent Expert Blogger – Conclusion


To be a real estate agent expert blogger, follow these tips:

  • Become a subject expert;
  • Write quality content;
  • Help answer relevant Google search queries;
  • Write evergreen long-form posts consistently; and
  • Personalize yourself.

Google looks for specific subject matter blog posts to answer search queries based on its E-A-T formula:

  • Experts;
  • Authoritative; and
  • Trustworthy.

You can become a local real estate expert or choose from several niches to promote yourself. But you must always use social media to market yourself and your blog.

You can do this by:

  • Building relationships with other real estate industry bloggers;
  • Help them by linking to their blogs and encourage them to link to yours;
  • Create a periodic real estate roundup to share blog posts with other RE bloggers;
  • Promote each post on many social media channels;
  • Answer all blog post comments to engage with them;
  • Join community organizations and promote their events in your blog; and
  • Create an e-newsletter to promote each blog post by email.

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