Become better organized with a real estate listing checklist. Set up a system to make sure you never forget or miss a beat when getting a listing and marketing it.



  • You can download 3 free listing checklists below. Yet, they may not contain everything you need.
  • It’s better to create your unique checklist and add to it based on your needs.
  • Learn what is important to include in your checklist.


Sure, you can download a free listing checklist from many sources like:

Yet, they may not contain everything you need. That’s why it’s better to create your unique checklist and add to it using Google docs or Excel spreadsheet for an effective yet inexpensive management system.

Or, you can spend money to use listing management tools like:

Let’s explore the steps your New Listing Checklist needs to fit your marketing style.


When Listing a Home


You need to maintain these important contracts and documents:

  • Broker Listing Agreement – Signed by you and the property’s owners; and
  • Seller’s Disclosure Documents – California laws require specific seller’s disclosures. 


After Listing a Home


You need to take the following steps:

  • Submitting all Listing Paperwork to your Broker;
  • Inputting Listing into the MLS;
  • Sharing MLS listing with your seller;
  • Confirming Condo or Neighborhood Rules – Restricting sign placements or no showings times;
  • Showing Instructions confirmed with seller – Like how many hours prior notice or no showings on certain days or after specific times;
  • Bringing in a Staging Company or Consultant – If needed to make the home appealing to buyers;
  • Ordering & Installing Yard Signs;
  • Getting Keys and alarm instructions from the seller;
  • Installing a Lockbox near the entrance;
  • Updating Showing Systems (like our RealScout automated preview appointments);
  • Taking High-Quality Photos inside and outside the home; and
  • Creating, ordering, and delivering home brochures;


Marketing Checklist for Your New Listing – Part 1


After completing the above steps, you need to organize your initial marketing campaign. This includes:

  • Confirm MLS listing information is syndicated to your key portals (like your brokerage network and Realtor.com, etc.);
  • Sending an eFlyer to local agents;
  • Installing a flyer box in front of the home (if allowed);
  • Hand delivering printed flyers to 20 or more nearby homes;
  • Creating a high-quality video of the home and posting on YouTube and other social media channels (like Facebook and Twitter);
  • Scheduling an open house;
  • Inviting neighbors to the open house;
  • Writing at least one blog post about the home;
  • Sharing your listing blog post on social media channels (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.); and
  • Creating a Craigslist ad about the listing.

Tip: Make sure your seller knows all your marketing efforts are more than just taking a listing and inputting it into the MLS.

Note: All these steps should be completed in the first week of the listing.


New Listing Marketing Checklist – Part 2


If you haven’t sold your new listing after the first week, try the second phase of marketing tactics:

  • Sending a second eFlyer or email blast;
  • Posting another Craigslist ad;
  • Posting an Oodle classified ad;
  • Running a paid ad (or boosted post) to a targeted audience on Facebook
  • Writing a new blog post and posting on more social media channels;
  • Using a different photo and another Twitter posting;
  • Posting high-quality photos on Pinterest and linking back to your listing blog post;
  • Updating your featured MLS photo;
  • Gathering and reviewing all showing agents’ feedback; and
  • Discussing adjustments to staging, showing schedules, and pricing with your seller.


Fits Small Business Listing Checklist for Real Estate Agents


Now that you read about what a standard listing real estate checklist includes and how to download some free ones, let’s explore what they should include.

One of the above free downloads is the Fits Small Business checklist. Let’s break down what is included.


Stage 1: Pre-Listing Checklist


Creating a Pre-Listing Package recommending:

  • Introduction: A personal letter to the lead or seller introducing yourself and your brokerage or team;
  • Statistics: Numbers and statistics showing your successful past performances like number of homes you sold and how fast;
  • Marketing: Advertising and marketing plans you use and current marketing trends;
  • Seller’s Property Information: Explaining your market plan for the exposure of the home and the tools you will use;
  • Sales Process: Overview of the sales process explaining each stage and what the seller will do and your brokerage will do to the transaction closing; and
  • Paperwork: Show examples of the seller’s disclosures and contracts the seller must sign for your services and selling the home to a buyer.

 What Stage 1 Accomplishes: According to Fits Small Business, these steps build rapport, demonstrate your real estate expertise, and establish trust.

Next, you must deliver the presentation.


Stage 2: Deliver Your Listing Presentation


Delivering the Listing Presentation includes:

  • Dressing to impress;
  • Getting to know the client;
  • Presenting an in-depth explanation of the sale process for the specific home;
  • The CMA report;
  • Determining the home’s listing price; and
  • Signing the listing agreement.

Note: Fits Small Business explains the differences between a pre-listing package and delivering a full listing presentation. While the pre-listing package builds trust, the listing presentation focuses on the seller’s home.

Problem: The biggest pain point for sellers is the need to sell quickly. Long-drawn-out listings pass up opportunities to buy their ideal next home when it becomes available.

Solution: Your presentation shows them how you can expedite the sale while alleviating their fear. Your goal demonstrates your value as a Realtor who meets their needs.


Stage 3: Marketing the Home


Parts 1 and 2 of the New Listing Marketing Checklist lay out your initial and follow-up marketing plans.

Since both parts already list each step you must take, we don’t need to regurgitate them.


Real Estate Agent Marketing Tips


Big Block Realty publishes many informative blog posts to help real estate agents. These include marketing tips like:

We also publish tips about creating high-quality YouTube videos like:


Real Estate Listing Checklist – Conclusion


Our real estate listing checklist explains the most important steps you need to take and how to organize them.

The bottom line is that a well-prepared real estate listing checklist organizes each step so that your listing presentation leads to a signed listing agreement.

Then, your checklist must lay out your initial and follow-up marketing steps. If your listing doesn’t sell after part 2, you need to revisit the listing price to see how much it needs to lower.


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