Big Block Realty teaches our agents the key ingredients to become more successful in real estate. Win-Win is our philosophy by teaching our Realtors how to succeed.



  • View our 8 key ingredients to become more successful in real estate;
  • Learn your market;
  • Network with vendors for new leads;
  • Find a mentor and team up with other agents;
  • Streamline your business with technology;
  • Expand your social media;
  • Make better use of your open houses;
  • Pitching stories to reporters; and
  • Take advantage of the reputation of your broker’s firm.


Here are 8 Key Ingredients to Become More Successful in Real Estate


1. Learn Your Market


Success comes from knowledge. Knowing your local market (or niche) leads to being amongst the best in the industry.

Never stop learning. No matter how many years as an agent, you must keep up with changes in your market and new trends. Brush up on new business and marketing practices.

Enhancing your knowledge of the market showcases your experience and skill. How to enhance your market knowledge depends on your level of three experiences:

  1. Starting your career;
  2. Established in the industry; or
  3. Already a veteran.

New agents must first learn how to estimate home value by researching recently sold local comps and current market conditions.

Already established as an agent requires continuing to enhance your knowledge by increasing the boundaries of your “local” market. Instead of one neighborhood, expand your knowledge to the entire ZIP code. Conquer your ZIP code by knowing the average sales prices, typical days on the market, and average numbers of new listings every week. This knowledge allows you to better advise your sellers and buyers on what to expect.

Veteran agents go beyond enhanced agents. Get ahead of the agents who know about inventory and sales. Do this by knowing the “hot spots” and the important issues for each community.

Go beyond the MLS. Many agents rely on the MLS too much. Think out of the box. Keep up with local, state, and national economic and real estate industry news.

Learn what new projects are proposed in your city and ZIP code and keep up with their developments. Waiting to read about permit approvals in the local media means you are too late. Find out about new trends affecting property values before other agents do. How do you do this? Read on.


2. Network with Vendors for New Leads


The more experience you gain with selling homes the more encounters with industry vendors. Don’t overlook connecting with them and staying in touch. New leads through vendors are what fuels veteran agents. Vendors include:

  • Appraisers;
  • Inspectors;
  • Attorneys;
  • Contractors;
  • Escrow officers; and
  • Lenders.

Create a database of industry vendors with full contact information and their specialties. Refer business to them. Send them birthday and holiday greetings. It never hurts to ask them for leads. They will pay you in kind with leads for you.

Tip: Did you know the IRS allows you to take up to a $25 tax deduction for each gift to vendors, buyers, sellers, and prospects every year? Learn more in our blog post: “Save Money Learn Real Estate Agents Tax Deductions 2022”.

Also, as mentioned above, these vendors are a source for learning about new projects proposed in your market.


3. Find a Mentor and Team Up with Other Agents


New agents need a mentor. As with all professions, newbies need to find an experienced professional to teach them the ropes and give useful tips. A mentor broadens your knowledge of the practical side of selling real estate beyond the courses and textbooks. Yet, experienced agents are very busy. So, offer to help them to save time and generate new leads. During this process, you will learn new industry tricks to help you grow professionally.

Team up with other agents. Sure, the thought of splitting a commission may cause your stomach to churn. Yet, teaming up with one or more experienced agents helps you to grow leading to more income. Maybe you will start as a “gopher” acting as an assistant. Still, you will learn to master your new profession faster.


4. Streamline Your Business with Technology


It takes time to juggle all the tasks an agent performs to become successful. However, the best agents use technology to streamline their tasks to save time and become efficient.

Big Block Realty publishes blog posts to help agents learn new technologies to increase income. Here are examples:


5. Expand Your Social Media


Social media should play a strong role in your marketing efforts. Sure, you probably use Facebook and Twitter, maybe Instagram too. Yet, are you taking full advantage of what they offer? Here are some of our blog posts to teach you how to use these social media channels better:

Besides those social media channels explore other ones to increase your brand’s exposure. Read these blog posts to help you to expand your social media:


6. Make Better Use of Your Open Houses


The problem with most open houses is they are just an event. Use open houses to generate new business.

“Sell Yourself”. Instead of using an open house to sell the house, take the opportunity to sell yourself. Use the buyers’ sign-in sheet contact information as a lead generator. Contact all of them shortly after the open house for feedback and their plans for buying a home.

Yet, sell yourself during the open house. This is your one chance to make a good impression. Besides, handing out a brochure about yourself, have information about other similar active listings. Introduce yourself and talk to them about their wants and needs in a new home.

Another listing may fulfill their needs. Have your smartphone or laptop ready to show them other active listings that may fit their desires. This can lead to doing a home search for them.

Our unique RealScout program makes it easy for buyers to input all of their desires and needs in a new home to get matched in our local MLS database. Within seconds, RealScout shows them the listings closely matching their preferences.

View our blog post showing the many ways our RealScout helps buyers: RealScout Comes to San Diego to Help Home Buyers.  


7. Pitching Stories to Reporters


Publicity is the lifeline for agents. Every major and community newspaper has a real estate news section. Online news media outlets also write about real estate news. Pitching stories to reporters gains you free publicity.

Become an expert. Getting yourself in the news media makes you an instant trustworthy expert. Buyers and sellers respect local experts. Make copies of your news stories and your quotes and publicize them on your website, blog, brochures, and social media channels.

How to pitch reporters. Newspapers (print and online) often provide contact information for their reporters and editors. Got an unusual or quirky home you just listed? Or, a once-notorious or home to a famous person? Send your pitch to a reporter (one at a time) with photos. Wait a few days and send the same pitch to another reporter. Eventually, you may find one interested in writing a story including your quotes and photos.

How to contact journalists looking for help? There are online free sites where journalists ask for help by sending out queries for article sources. They offer free publicity to sources who contact them and answer their interview questions. The two most popular sites are:


8. Take Advantage of the Reputation of Your Broker’s Firm


Reputation makes or breaks real estate agents and brokerages.  Both you and the brokerage you associate with must maintain an excellent reputation.

Associating with a very reputable real estate brokerage makes it easier to leverage your broker’s reputation.

According to Rocket Mortgage,

 “In the real estate industry, reputation is of the utmost importance, especially since so much business is generated through word of mouth. Your reputation is essential, but so is the reputation of your brokerage firm.”

Top 50 in the U.S.: Big Block Realty is recognized as the 49th best Independent Real Estate Brokerage in the U.S. out of 106,000 real estate brokerages by Real Trends and the Wall Street Journal rankings.

Best in San Diego: Big Block Realty is also recognized as the best brokerage in San Diego for four straight years (2018 – 2021) by the LocalBest.com site.

Not Fake News – You probably saw other brokerages claiming to be the “Best”. We back up our awards with facts. Check out our two blog posts verifying our awards with screenshots and links sources:

  1. Big Block Realty Named In Top 100 RE Brokers In The United States; and
  2. “Best 100% Commission Real Estate Broker San Diego 2022”


Key Ingredients to Become More Successful in Real Estate – Conclusion


The key ingredients to become more successful in real estate are:

  1. Learn your market;
  2. Network with vendors for new leads
  3. Find a mentor and team up with other agents;
  4. Streamline your business with technology;
  5. Expand your social media;
  6. Make better use of your open houses;
  7. Pitching stories to reporters; and
  8. Take advantage of the reputation of your broker’s firm.


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